Popular Headband Types to Wear

June 18, 2021

Popular Headband Types to Wear

Popular Headband Types to Wear

Are you looking for an easy way to add some style to your outfits or keep your hair out of your face while you’re out and about? Whether you’re running errands, attending a yoga class, or dressing up for a girls’ night, there are different types of headbands you can wear to enhance your look. 

Here are the most popular types of headbands and how to wear them to add a cute twist to your everyday apparel. 

Tube Turbans

Girl Wearing American Tube Turban

Tube turbans are one of the most popular types of headbands because they are stylish and functional. You can scrunch the turban to your desired width and wear it with your hair up or down. Whether you’re running errands and need to keep your hair out of your face or want an inexpensive way to dress up your date-night outfit, a tube turban will do the trick. 

Plus, you can easily carry a tube turban with you in case of a hair emergency. Simply tie it around your wrist like you would a scrunchie for ease of use when you need it the most!


girl wearing headscarf HH29

There are a lot of different types of headbands, but headscarves are one of the most versatile options. There are so many different ways to wear headscarves that it’s like you’re getting five headbands in one!

For example, if you’re on your third day of dry shampoo and want to cover your hair until you shower, you may think to grab a ball cap. But a headscarf can cover your hair and keep you looking cute and girly at the same time. Simply open the scarf to cover a large portion of your head–a look similar to wearing a bandana. You can tie your headscarf around your head, chin, or forehead for unique looks that will spruce up any outfit and keep your hair out of your face at the same time. 

Athletic Headbands 

girl wearing athletic adjustable

When it comes to wearing headbands while working out, a turban or headscarf just won’t cut it. You need something a bit sturdier that isn’t going to slip down during your Zumba class or give you a headache during yoga (that’s not very relaxing!). While other types of headbands are good for certain activities, for the gym, you need athletic headbands

Snug enough to keep your hair back on a long jog, but cute enough to match your favorite workout clothes, these types of headbands are moisture-wicking, washable, and slip-resistant. 

Winter Headbands


If you want a headband that is cute but also keeps your ears warm in cold weather, then you need winter headbands. These types of headbands are made with soft, thick materials that keep your ears and head from getting cold when ice skating with your best friends or walking the dog in chilly weather. As always, there are a variety of colors and styles to choose from, so you can find the perfect accessory for any outfit. 

Eco-Friendly Headbands

Eco-friendly headbands are unique because they offer all of the same benefits as other types of headbands but they are also good for the environment. Feel good about your style and about making a difference in a child’s life when you wear an eco-friendly turban. 

All of these different types of headbands offer a variety of color and style options for whatever activity you’re doing that day. We have popular headband types for all of your hair accessory needs. Check out our full collection of headbands to find the right types of headbands for you today!

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