How to Style a Headband with Bangs

July 05, 2021

vintage floral headband

Maybe we’re biased, but we think headbands make every hairstyle so much better. Not only do they add a little pop of personality to your overall look — especially if you rock one in a fun print or a bold color — but they also have the power to keep your hair out of your face while creating a cute, polished look no matter what you’re doing. We think there’s a headband for everyone and every ‘do, including hairstyles with bangs.

In this guide, we’ll go over a few ways to style headbands with bangs, no matter if you rock wispy curtains or a super edgy blunt cut. 

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  • Between the Bangs and the Hairline — If you’re a fan of the ultra-trendy Y2K style that has exploded over the past few months, you’ll love this styling idea. In the spirit of millennial queens Lizzie McGuire and Lauren Conrad, this retro look involves positioning the headband right where your main hairline meets the top of the bangs, creating a perfect separation between bangs and the rest of your hair. Our traditional trendy headbands are perfect for this look, but you can achieve it with virtually any band style. Go slim and minimalist for a dainty look or accessorize with a chunky style to make a big impact.
flamingo knotted
  • With a Messy Bun — We absolutely love rocking headbands with messy buns because it gives an easy-peasy hairdo a more intentional polish. The best way to achieve total headband perfection when wearing the messy bun is to pull out a few wispy side pieces to frame the face and complement your bangs. You can totally rock your favorite headband with a dressier polished bun, too, if that’s your thing, but there’s just something so chic about a perfectly done messy bun. Our knotted headbands look amazing with any kind of bun, though!
  • With Bangs Pushed Back — If you love a sleek, polished aesthetic and you want your hair out of your eyes, you can’t go wrong with the headband push-back. This look is perfect for working out, hiking, doing chores around the house or any activity where you might get sweaty and want your bangs out of your face. We all love our bangs, but sometimes we need a break from them, and that’s OK! Pin them back using bobby pins for a neat look. If you plan to work out with a headband, make sure to choose a no-slip athletic style that wicks away sweat.
tube turban
  • At the Top of the Forehead — If you love a free-spirited, flower child vibe, you’ll love the look of a trendy headband resting overtop your bangs like a pretty flower crown. Though it’s similar to the classic way of wearing your band between the bangs and the hairline, this style rests more on the top of the head, pushing the bangs downward slightly just like the flower children used to do.
  • With Loose Pieces Along the Sides — We don’t know about you, but we are absolutely obsessed with the pretty-without-trying look of loosely framed bangs. For inspiration, take a peek at Taylor Swift’s ultra-feminine and elegant headband style at the Time 100 Gala in 2019. The things that make this look so memorable are the loose, wispy side pieces that fall along the side of her face. You can wear them straight or curly to create the exact look you’re after.

adjustable twist turban

There are so many adorable ways to wear a headband if you have bangs. From pushing them back so they stay out of your face to putting them on full display, the right band has the power to complete your look and make you feel gorgeous and confident no matter what’s on the agenda. That’s why we think headbands are some of the most versatile accessories ever.

Looking for more ways to style your favorite headbands? Check out our guide to headbands for short hair and more at Headbands for Hope. When you buy a headband from our selection, we’ll donate one to a child with an illness, so you can feel amazing about your purchase.


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