How to Wear a Headband With Short Hair

April 15, 2021

How to Wear a Headband With Short Hair

How to Wear a Headband With Short Hair

There’s no doubt that short hairstyles are super cute, but sometimes, styling them can be a total pain in the butt. Whether the sweltering heat has you cursing cutting those locks, you’re not having a good hair day, or you just want to change up your look, headbands for short hair can certainly be a lifesaver. Today, we’re here to show you just how cute headband styles for short hair can be!

3 Super Easy Ways for How to Wear a Headband with Short Hair

Wondering how to wear a headband with short hair? We’ve got three great styles for you to try today!

short hair and headbands

1. The Low Bun

Some days you just have to get that hair out of your face. A low bun and headband style for short hair is a super cute way to do it! For this, you’ll need some (preferably) clear, small elastic bands, the headband of choice (our Knotted Headbands and Tube Turbans are perfect!), and some bobby pins.

With combed hair, start by putting your hair in a low bun. This can be a messy or donut style, depending on how you prefer it. If you have curtain bangs you want to showcase, leave them out from the rest of your hair going into the bun. Set and style your bun in place with bobby pins.

Once your bun is ready to go, tie or slip on your headband onto your head, but behind your curtain bangs. If you part your hair to the side, match the headband’s knotted part with your hair part. Then, style your hair until it’s how you want it!

2. The Top Knot

Even with short hair, there are just some days when all you want to do is throw it up into a bun. We get it, and that’s why our #2 headband style for short hair is the top knot. The best part about the top knot and headbands for short hair look is that even if you have bangs, you can simply push them back with the headband while rocking that bun!

top knot short hair

To achieve the top knot headband style for short hair, start by pulling the desired section of hair into a top knot and style accordingly. You might need bobby pins to keep small flyaways in place, so have those handy. Once your top knot is good to go, place the headband behind your ears with the headband’s arch sitting in front of your face. Then, lift the headband, pushing your bangs or front hair towards the top knot. Pull a few pieces out from the side and be on with your day!

3. Let it Flow!

Okay, so maybe your hair isn’t quite long enough to rock the first two looks. Not to fret! Our knotted, Glitz & Glam, and Hard Headbands look great with everything from pixie cuts to chin and shoulder-length angled bobs and take virtually no time to style. Whether hair is pin straight or you prefer a slight wave, style your hair how you want it and pop on your headband! You can either push your bangs or hair back or pop your headband on right in the middle of it all for a super chic look you’ll love to show off.

short hair glam

Headbands for Hope is your one-stop shop to get gorgeous headbands for short hairstyles of every kind. No matter what headband styles for short hair look best on you, we’re sure to have the cute and comfortable headbands you’ll love to show off. And since every headband purchased donates a headband to a child with an illness, you’ll feel as good as you look knowing you’ve helped a sick child feel beautiful!

baby glam short hair

Be sure to share your headband styles for short hair with us on Instagram @headbandsofhope!

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