Branded Apparel & Accessories

We all like to add a little something other than headbands to our outfit, right?! With a variety of different styles, sizes, and colors of apparel at Headbands of Hope, we’re confident everyone will find that perfect t-shirt or pullover that allows you to represent the brand, while providing comfort and offering a trendy look. Each apparel is designed with a slogan that spreads positivity and optimism. We all need some good in this world! Plus, when you purchase a Headbands of Hope apparel item, we’ll donate a headband to a child with an illness. Join the movement and spread the cause!

Cozy Sweatshirts

Are you looking to create change? Or how about becoming a difference maker? Headbands of Hope has you covered for that and more. Choose between a light pullover with a hood, or a thick and cozy sweatshirt, or go for the new fashion trend and snag the cropped sweatshirt. Each sweatshirt and pullover are available in sizes ranging from small to XXL and are all pre-shrunk. Plus, with the Give. Back. Repeat. Cropped Sweatshirt, you’re doing just that: giving back to a child with an illness all while adding a trendy and cozy look to your wardrobe.

Trendy T-Shirts

A slouchy tee is the new trend and Headbands of Hope has the perfect one to add to your closest. The traditional Create Change slouchy shirt with elongated armholes that adds that slimming look. This pre-shrunk shirt has an added touch on the back neck that shows Headbands of Hope logo and supports the cause. Now that’s something to feel good about! It’s a must!

The Casual Baseball Cap

With a variety of different colors including pink, blue and black, Headbands of Hope offers the perfect casual baseball cap that is trendy for all seasons of the year. Headbands of Hope ‘Be The Good’ Hat is perfect for covering up your bad hair, protecting your face from the sun, or adding that extra touch to your sporty or casual outfit. With the detail embroidered logo and adjustable backing, Headbands of Hope hat fits all size heads. Plus, you’ll ‘Be The Good’ by allowing a child with an illness to receive a headband just by purchasing and wearing the hat. With our quality apparel and accessories, you’ll look good and feel good knowing you’ve brightened up the day of a child fighting an illness.