Collaborate With Us

There are multiple ways to collaborate and get involved with us. Here are just a couple of ways we have done collaborations.

1.) Design an exclusive headband line. We worked with Justice and designed a customer Headbands of Hope + Justice line. And for every headband purchased, a headband was donated to Nationwide Children's Hospital. 

2.) Sell on your site. Example: We currently are doing a collaboration with Sevenly. We are sold on

3.) Let's design a custom headband. Example: We worked with the Dallas Mavericks and Milwaukee Bucks basketball teams to design headbands for fans, etc. 

4.) Do a custom gifting. Example: We have recently partnered with Colourpop Cosmetics to be a part of their Fall Edit Collection PR. 

5.) Do a custom donation headband.  Example: We have recently partnered with PSI to do a custom headband in their company colors. Those headbands are strictly used for donation headbands.

 6.) Do a donation day.  Example: We partnered with Under Armour to do a donation day at a children's hospital with their team. We also collaborated with Singles Swag to be in all of their fall boxes. We also did a donation with them!


Interested in one of these or have another idea, email