Tube Turbans

What if we told you that you could look cute and trendy while making a difference in a child’s life? With Headbands of Hope tube turbans, you can! Headbands of Hope tube turbans come in a variety of colors and prints and are the perfect accessories to complete any outfit. For every tube turban you buy, Headbands of Hope will donate one to a child with an illness.

A Tube Turban for All

Headbands of Hope offers tube turbans as a product for all: young, old, men, women, you name it! Through the variety of solid colors and trendy prints, Headbands of Hope makes their tube turbans seamless, soft and breathable, not to mention machine washable. The item alone sells itself, all while making a difference in a child’s life who is battling an illness.

The Many Ways to Wear a Tube Turban

In this collection, you’ll find an accessory so versatile, it will be hard to believe! Headbands of Hope has you covered all the ways to wear a tube turban. On the 3rd day of dry shampoo or just want a cute decorative hair piece for a lunch date? Feel free to wear your hair down and let this turban keep your hair at bay. Just scrunch it up to your desired width and throw it on. The moisture wicking fabric will not only keep moisture at bay, but the soft fabric will leave you headache free. Besides just the traditional style of wearing a tube turban as a headband, the many ways to fashion a tube turban are essentially endless. 

Calling all 70s & 80s babies: bring back the boho! Wear your tube turban across your forehead for a trendy and effortless look. This style looks great in the American Tube Turban, sporting it at a July 4th gathering. 

We always try to plan and wear our hair down and styled at an event, right?! Does that ever go as planned while in the humid summer air?! Negative! Headbands of Hope tube turbans work great as a scrunchie around your wrist. Once you get hot or that hair gets frizzy from the humidity, toss it up in a low pony and wrap the tube turban around your pony to act as a hair tie. Or toss your hair up in a high ponytail and throw the tube turban on to keep the hair out of your face. 

The options are endless with Headbands of Hope tube turbans. From facial coverings, to head scarves. From ear warmers to neck gaiters or as just a regular headband, there’s a style and purpose for everyone.

Men Wear Headbands Too!

Who said men can’t wear headbands?! Tube Turbans serve as an excellent sweat guard for men who run or play sports. Athletes have been known to wear their tube turbans under their helmets and around their ears to keep warm on brisk mornings. The Midnight and Traveler Tube Turbans are the men’s favorite picks. Plus, tube turbans make great facial coverings for all!

Seasonal Prints

Going to a July 4th or Memorial Day gathering? Make sure to pair your patriotic dress with our American Tube Turban. Or how about going to the beach but want to avoid that “wind blown” look for your hair? Grab the Summer Sea Tube Turban to keep those beachy vibes going and hair wispies down to a minimum. Headbands of Hope has seasonal prints for all occasions in their Tube Turban Collection. Let’s call it fashion for a cause!

Monthly Hope Club

Keep the good vibes going every month with a brand new headband to show off, all at a discounted rate! As always, for each headband or accessory you get through the subscription, one headband will go to a child within an illness.

Looking for more unique headwear? Headbands of Hope has scrunchie headbands, athletic wear, winter wear, headscarves, tube turbans, mommy and me sets, apparel, beanies, hats and more to choose from. With our quality apparel and accessories, you’ll look good and feel good knowing you’ve brightened up the day of a child fighting an illness.