Mask Packs

What if we told you that you could look cute and trendy while making a difference in a child’s life? With Headbands of Hope’s Mask Packs, you can! We all know the year 2020 was not what we could have slightly expected or imagined. But Headbands of Hope has you covered with their trendy mask packs that are perfect to match any outfit. For every mask pack that you purchase, a headband is donated to a child with an illness.

Fashionable Mask Packs

Here you’ll find trendy mask pack sets that allow you to match outfits for any occasion. For solid classic colors, to unique and fashionable prints, Headbands of Hope is confident you’ll find the perfect mask pack to complete any ensemble, all while making a difference in a child’s life who is battling an illness. We think it’s a win-win everyone can get behind.

The New Accessory of the Year

Everyone needs a headband to add to their outfit, right?!? Headbands of Hope always thought that headbands were the perfect accessory and now since COVID-19, a new accessory has come to light: The Mask. These facial coverings have been presented to be the new “accessory of the year” and Headbands of Hope brought them exclusively to your shopping cart. What makes these different from most masks, you may ask? Well, the adjustable straps, of course! If we have to wear a mask these days, why not make it comfortable? Headbands of Hope masks include adjustable straps so all head and face sizes can be comfortable.

Seasonal Prints

Going somewhere tropical and need a mask to match your bikini? Check out their Flamingo, Pineapple, and Solid Turquoise Mask Pack. Or looking for something to go with your winter flannels? Take a look at their Grey Plaid, Black Plaid, and Black Denim Mask Pack. Headbands of Hope has the perfect variety of seasonal prints of mask packs. Their trendy facial coverings allow you to pick any style or feel that you’d like, having prints for everyone.

Everyone Loves Reusable

Did someone say the word, reusable?!? Yes, that’s right. Headbands of Hope masks are all reusable and machine washable. No more having to worry about disposing of your mask after wearing it just one time. Headbands of Hope double layered masks back it easy to wash with 100% cotton inside lining. Plus, each mask pack comes with not only 1 mask or even 2. Their mask packs come with a total of 3 reusable and machine washable masks!

Monthly Hope Club

Keep the good vibes going every month with a brand new headband to show off, all at a discounted rate! As always, for each headband or accessory you get through the subscription, one headband will go to a child within an illness.

Looking for more unique headwear? Headbands of Hope has scrunchie headbands, athletic wear, winter wear, headscarves, tube turbans, mommy and me sets, apparel, beanies, hats and more to choose from. With our quality apparel and accessories, you’ll look good and feel good knowing you’ve brightened up the day of a child fighting an illness.