What if we told you that you could look cute and trendy while making a difference in a child’s life? With Headbands of Hope’s Knotted Collection, you can! Headbands of Hope knotted headbands come in a variety of colors and prints, adjustable for newborns to adults, and are the perfect accessory to complete any outfit. Plus, there's over five ways to sport this trendy item. For every knotted headband you buy, Headbands of Hope will donate one to a child with an illness. We call it, fashion for a cause!

The Knotted Headband

Headband of Hope offers the perfect adjustable knotted headband that never goes out of style. They're confident you'll find the perfect print and the perfect way to where the top knot. Why not make fashion fun and meaningful by giving back?

A Print for Every Season

Here you’ll find unique prints for every season of the year. Going to a holiday party? The Holly Knotted is a festive print to add that additional pop to your outfit. Dressing up as Rosie the Riveter for Halloween? The Red Polka Knotted fits the costume perfectly. From solid classic colors to fun holiday patterns to trendy animal prints, Headbands of Hope is confident you’ll find the perfect color or pattern to match any event you may be attending or any outfit you’re showcasing, all while making a difference in a child’s like who’s battling an illness.

Top Knot Headband

Headbands of Hope’s Knotted Collection is a versatile favorite that can be worn many different ways. This top knot headband can cure any bad hair day whether you throw your do up in a messy bun or spray some dry shampoo, it’s a win win. 

Who doesn’t need their hair pushed back out of their face while applying makeup or washing their face? That’s a no brainer question. The knotted headband allows you to do just that by tying it on top of your head. Don't be afraid of getting the Blush Knotted dirty, the knotted collection by Headbands of Hope is machine washable, just throw it in with your delicates!

Mommy + Me Matching Sets

Can you even deal with the cuteness of a baby with a headband on? Or how about when the mom matches the newborn? The White Floral Knotted looks adorable in newborn photoshoots. Headbands of Hope’s knotted headband is perfect for gifts just for this reason. Each headband is made with a soft cotton fabric that is comfortable for tiny heads. Plus, they are all adjustable to fit all ages, newborns to adults!

Monthly Hope Box Club

Keep the good vibes going every month with a brand new headband to show off, all at a discounted rate! As always, for each headband or accessory you get through the subscription, one headband will go to a child within an illness. 

Looking for more unique headwear? Headbands of Hope has scrunchie headbands, athletic wear, winter wear, headscarves, tube turbans, mommy and me sets, apparel, beanies, hats and more to choose from. With our quality apparel and accessories, you’ll look good and feel good knowing you’ve brightened up the day of a child fighting an illness.