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'Band' Together

It started with a headband for kids with cancer. But since we launched in 2012, we've discovered dozens of amazing childhood cancer organizations that are enhancing the lives' of patients and working towards a cure. 
Our 'Band' Together series aims raise funds and awareness for these organizations through donating 10% of our proceeds to a designated organization that week.
August 14-20th 2016: The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation
Headbands of Hope B+ Foundation
The Andrew McDonough B+ (Be Positive) Foundation was founded in 2007 following the passing of 14 year old, Andrew McDonough, to leukemia.  Less than 48 hours after helping his team win a Pennsylvania State Championship in soccer, Andrew was diagnosed with leukemia and went into septic shock and cardiac arrest.  The doctors did not expect Andrew to live through the night.  He survived that initial battle and, over the next 166 “bonus days”, Andrew underwent nearly 50 operations, 4 strokes, and a brain aneurysm before dying in his sister’s arms on July 14, 2007.
Andrew’s blood type, and the way he lived, was “B+” — Be Positive.
 June 19-25th 2016: The Rachel Lynn Henley Foundation

Headbands of Hope band together

In September of 2007, Rachel Lynn Henley was a freshman in high school, thriving in her new school as a great student and a strong and talented athlete. In November, at fourteen years old, Rachel's busy, happy life was turned inside-out when she was diagnosed with Synovial sarcoma - a rare soft tissue cancer that was found in her shoulder. After 7 months of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgeries she was found to be cancer free in the Summer of 2008. However, in 2012, when it seemed like life was back to normal, Rachel and her family learned their worst nightmare had come true when Rachel's cancer returned with a vengeance - now in her lungs and in an area over her liver. 
Rachel endured 3 more years of
chemotherapy, radiation, and surgeries all with a beautiful smile on her face and positive spirit intact. Rachel chose to live her life to it's fullest and encourage others to do the same. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she made the decision to make a positive difference in the world. Rachel wanted to give back as so many others had done for her. Rachel's battle ended on June 2, 2015, but she continues to inspire so many, every day. 

October 16th-22nd 2016: Me Fine Foundation    


Me Fine Foundation, Inc. was founded by friends and family of Folden Lee IV who was diagnosed with AML Leukemia in May, 2003. He received several rounds of chemotherapy at UNC Children’s Hospital but relapsed shortly after treatment. He then survived two consecutive cord blood transplants and extensive radiation at Duke Children’s Hospital. In spite of gallant efforts, the leukemia cells once again returned. Folden was 2 years old. 

During the 15 month battle with this disease, Folden’s family found that along with the tremendous stress of caring for a child with a life threatening illness, most families are also weighted down with overwhelming medical costs. Additionally, families are obligated to provide personal outpatient housing and living expenses while their child is undergoing treatment. Some caregivers lose their jobs, their homes and are separated from other family members for extended periods while their child is receiving treatment. Resources for these kids are extremely limited.

Me Fine was founded in order to pool resources for families facing life changing challenges. No one can change what these children are forced to endure medically, but our combined efforts can certainly change the financial burdens of their caregivers and make their countless days in the hospital a little easier to endure.

November 6th-12th 2017: The Monday Life

The Monday Life helps hospitalized children feel better. They are a non-profit on a mission to bring the best healing environments to every hospitalized child on the planet and their work is made possible by people giving just $1, every Monday.

Research shows that a patient's environment has a tremendous impact on healing,so things like music, art, and technology can become experiences that help children heal






December 18th-25th 2016: St. Baldrick's Foundation



As the largest private funder of childhood cancer research grants, the St. Baldrick's Foundation believes that kids are special and deserve to be treated that way. St. Baldrick's funds are granted to some of the most brilliant childhood cancer researchers who are working to find cures and better treatments for all childhood cancers. Kids need treatments as unique as they are- and that starts with funding research jus for them. Join St. Baldrick's at to help support the best cancer treatments for kids.

Since 2005, they've invested over $200 million in childhood cancer research grants worldwide. 

January 15th-22nd 2017: The Fighter Foundation, Inc.
The Fighter Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization was created in honor of Michelle Boyd DeJong and inspired by her "fighter" mentality. The primary objectives of The Fighter Foundation are to raise funds for brain tumor research and awareness, support quality of life improvement for brain tumor patients and their caregivers while promoting community involvement and civic pride.
Instagram: @fighterfoundation
Twitter: @OnMarch14
Fighter Store:
February 5th-12th 2017: Penn State Dance MaraTHON
Thon is a year- long fundraising and awareness campaign for the fight against childhood cancer. These efforts culminate every February in a 46- hour no-sitting, no-sleeping dance marathon. THON's sole beneficiary, Four Diamonds, not only covers treatment costs for childhood cancer patients at Penn State Hersey Children's Hospital, but also funds innovative research to find a cure. Since 1977, Penn State students have raised over $137 million for The Kids.
As an organization, THON  is inspiring a generation of young adults to get involved and take action, empowering themselves and their community. Each year, over 15,000 Penn State student volunteers dedicate their time and effort to THON, making it the largest student-run philanthropy in the world. Penn State students are united by their commitment to the cause-finding a cure for childhood cancer.
Instagram: @pennstatethon
March 5th-March 12th 2017: Emma Paulson
   Emma's story: "Over Thanksgiving break of 2016, I came to Children’s for my regular oncology clinic check-up and blood work expecting everything to look fine. Everything looked good, but my labs showed a drop in platelets, which was slightly concerning. After coming home from finals, we re-checked labs and found my platelets were half of what they were just weeks before. The leukemia team wanted to bring me in the following week for a bone marrow biopsy to confirm what we suspected. We got the call that afternoon saying that my leukemia had relapsed; just weeks away from marking 5 years since my original diagnosis on January 17th 2012. After a month of re-induction therapy, it was determined my plan going forward for treatment will include 2 more phases of chemotherapy followed by a bone marrow transplant this spring. This second time around is scarier knowing what’s ahead, but also so much easier since I already know and love all the nurses & doctors here so much. I appreciate all the love and support we’ve received already and can feel the prayers working."
Emma is such an inspiration to us! So 'Band Together' with us for Emma Paulson!
 instagram: @EmmaPaulson 
April 16th-22nd- Pinky Swear Foundation

About Pinky Swear Foundation

Founded in 2003, Pinky Swear Foundation is a 501c(3) not-for-profit passionately committed to helping children with cancer and their families by responding to the immediate crisis facing families with a childhood cancer diagnosis. Pinky Swear supports families’ quality-of-life with financial assistance for basic needs and through experiences that create emotional support, so they can focus on what's most important: their child battling cancer. Inspired by a pinky swear promise made between a 9-year-old boy and his dad, the foundation engages kids to help grow the community of Keepers of the pinky swear. Pinky Swear Foundation fundraising activities include annual kids triathlon events, a family 5K/1M series, National Pinky Swear Day on December 11, and other community engagement events around the nation. Visit for more information. 

The Pinky Swear Story

Pinky Swear Foundation was founded in honor of Mitch Chepokas, who lost his battle to bone cancer in 2003. In December 2002, 9-year-old Mitch overheard his pediatric oncology ward neighbors stressed about money for Christmas gifts, and generously decided to give away his savings – $6,000 – to other kids fighting cancer. After sneaking envelopes of cash under doors and on nightstands, Mitch told his dad it was the most fun he’d ever had, and he wanted to do it again the following year. With a terminal prognosis, his dad had to tell Mitch the truth: that he wouldn’t be around the following Christmas. That’s when Mitch made his dad, Steve, ‘pinky swear promise’ to continue to help families with kids with cancer even after he was gone.

Pediatric Cancer Facts 

  • A child is diagnosed with cancer every 45 minutes
  • The average age of diagnosis is 6 years old
  • The average length of treatment is 2 years
  • The average family will spend 25% of its disposable income on non-medical related expenses associated with the treatment of their child
  • One in 11 families with a child diagnosed with cancer will file for bankruptcy.

So help us 'Band Together' to benefit Pinky Swear Foundation.





May 21-28th- Addi's Faith Foundation

About Addi's Faith Foundation

Inspired by one little girl’s battle with brain cancer, Addi’s Faith Foundation was formed in hopes of freeing the world from childhood cancer. By funding critical pediatric research, AFF ensures advancements are made and that less toxic, yet more effective treatments are found.  Until the cure is discovered, Addi’s Faith Foundation desires to provide emotional and financial support to parents as they care for their child with cancer.  A registered 501(c)3 charity, Addi’s Faith Foundation has distributed over a million dollars since their inception in 2007.

Addi’s Faith Foundation is dedicated to ending childhood cancer.  Our purpose is to fund childhood cancer research as well as provide financial and emotional support to families struggling to care for a child with cancer. We believe that there is a cure out there and together we can find it.
  • fund research -- given $800,000 to MD Anderson Cancer Center for a pediatric brain tumor research project and pledged an additional $1,000,000
  • help families -- given $275,000 to 230 families who are caring for a child with cancer
  • we hold an annual 5K (Walk by Faith) in Nov. and a golf tournament (Addishack) in April and lots of other smaller fundraisers.
  • started by my husband (Tony) and I in honor of my daughter, Addison Faith, who died from brain cancer just a few weeks shy of her second birthday.  knowing that less than 4% of funding is allocated to pediatric research, we set out to raise funds so that more research could be done. We need safer and more effective treatment options. 

So help us 'Band Together' to support Addi's Faith Foundation!






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