How to Wear an Elastic Headband

April 12, 2021

How to Wear an Elastic Headband

How to Wear an Elastic Headband

One of the greatest things about elastic headbands is that there are so many styles, shapes, designs, and ways to wear them! From sporty athletic elastic headbands to adjustable twist turbans, elastic headbands come with endless possibilities no matter how short, or long your hair is!

Today, we’ll walk you through how to wear an elastic headband by headband design style to give you some inspo for your next beach vaca, work from home day, or morning jog!

How to Wear an Elastic Headband

Sports Headbands

Elastic headband

We get it, no one likes a headband that slips, slides, or totally pops off during a workout. That’s why Headbands of Hope created moisture-wicking, non-slip, adjustable elastic headbands perfect for taming those fly-aways while staying put during your yoga session, volleyball practice, or a Saturday morning jog. Here’s how to wear a sporty elastic headband for best results:

  1. To learn how to wear an elastic headband for your next workout, start by putting your hair up. You can spray some hairspray where the headband will sit to give the headband something to hold onto.
  2. Slide your headband on and behind your ears. 
  3. For added stay-put protection, place some bobby pins with the opening facing toward you behind your ears and then two more at the base of your head where the headband sits. These two should be crisscrossed in an x-shape and pointing down towards your body. Voila! You’re ready to go!

Adjustable Twist Turbans

twist turban

Adjustable twist turban elastic headbands are one of the most versatile headband options out there. These elastic headbands are super fun and super easy to style and look great with hair up or down! We’ll explain how to wear twist turbans in a few different ways, so you have multiple options for multiple occasions!


If you want your elastic headband to have that boho-chic look where it sits on top of your hair, simply put the headband over your head and style as you’d like!

Messy Bun/ Pony Tail

  1. If you want your elastic headband to accent your ponytail or messy bun, start by putting your elastic headband around your neck.
  2. Then, put your hair up into a messy bun or ponytail how you want it. 
  3. Next, simply slide your twist turban up and style how you like it!
coral braided girl bun

No matter what your style may be, Headband of Hope has the cutest elastic headbands you can wear to accentuate any outfit! And since we donate a headband to a child with an illness with each headband purchase, you’ll feel good knowing you’ve helped a sick child feel beautiful! 

Shop Headbands of Hope today to discover your new favorite headband styles, or sign up for our Monthly Hope Box Club to get headbands delivered right to your door every month!

hoh club

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