How to Wear a Cloth Headband

June 18, 2021

How to Wear a Cloth Headband

How to Wear a Cloth Headband

There are a few different types of cloth headbands and a ton of different ways to style them. From twist & infinity headbands to knotted headbands to button headbands, you can find your favorite cloth headband and learn how to wear it. Whether you want to keep your hair out of your eyes or add a pop of color to your outfit, here’s how to wear a cloth headband in four different ways. 

How to Wear a Cloth Headband

The first step to wearing a cloth headband is choosing the style of headband you want to wear that day. Once you have your headband chosen, pick one of these four styles to wear your headband today. 

Cloth Headband Style #1: The Simple Look 

Sunflower Tube TurbanPut the headband around your neck and underneath all of your hair. Then, slide the headband on top of your head, pulling back your bangs or any other stray hairs. You can wear the headband close to your forehead or push it back to the top of your head, depending on what’s most comfortable for you.

If you’re using a turban-style cloth headband, you can choose how wide you want the headband to be. To cover more of your head, spread the material out. For a thin headband, scrunch the material together.

Cloth Headband Style #2: The Boho Look 

For this look, rather than putting the headband under your hair, you’re going to put it over your hair. To do this, position your hair how you like it. Then, gently place the headband over your hair like a halo on your head. Make sure the front of the headband sets right at your hairline so your hairline is covered. Again, you can use a thin or thick cloth headband, depending on what you like best.

This simple yet cute style doesn’t require much work and can be done with a turban or knotted cloth headband. If you use a knotted headband, be sure that the knot is in the front rather than the back. 

Cloth Headband Style #3: The Side Pony or Braid 

Blushing Animal Knotted

This next style is how to wear a cloth headband if you have long or medium-length hair. Start by putting the headband on in the same way you did for the first style. Then, pull a couple of pieces of hair from the front out of the headband, so they are no longer tied back. Do this on both sides. Then, gather all of your hair and bring it to one side of your head. From here, you can either tie your hair into a side ponytail or a braid for added style.

Cloth Headband Style #4: The Up-Do

For an up-do style, start by putting your hair in a high ponytail. Then, place your cloth headband around your neck and slide the front on top of your head, as far back as you want to go. You can either stop here for a quick, easy style. Or, you can use an additional hair tie to turn your ponytail into a bun so your hair is completely off of your neck. Whether for a workout, grocery run, or night out with your girls, this look works for pretty much any activity.

Now you know how to wear a cloth headband four different ways. These styles work with a variety of different headbands, and you can find all of our favorites by shopping our full collection of headbands today!

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