How to Wear Headbands on Different Occasions

August 15, 2016

How to Wear Headbands on Different Occasions

Wearing headbands seems to be a burgeoning fashion trend lately. No matter the age, these beautiful hair accessories can easily enhance your oufit and make the wearer look unique.

Whether you are more conservative or enjoy stepping on new grounds, there will always be some headbands to match your preferences.

Not used to wearing headbands but want to try them out? Here are a couple of tips:

  • Get some advice on how to wear them with style. Read about it or look at the way people wear them.
  • Start trying out a large variety of bands. Try thin or large, cotton, lace or beaded headbands while changing your outfits to see how they match. Also, you can fix your hair in different styles to find ways of creating outstanding looks.

Now, let's talk about some general principles regarding wearing headbands on various occasions.

Wearing Headbands at Formal Events

Formerly considered casual day accessories, headbands have started to fit into more formal contexts as well.

However, save some of the wider, cloth headbands for casual events and outings. 


Here's one more tip: When you plan to attend a formal occasion, do some research. Check out general tips about dress codes and how to best fit in at the event you are about to attend.

Then, inquire about the theme, audience, and decorations. They will give you useful hints on what sort of hair accessory to choose.

Here are a few headbands you can wear on such occasions:

  • Beaded bands - They are delicate and elegant at the same time.
  • Flower headbands - They perfectly complement a simple, mono-color outfit and add a touch of freshness to it.
  • Hair Clips - They are beautiful adornments for your hair and are quite unconventional.
  • Turbans - They are original as well as easy to fix up.

Headbands on Casual Days

You could almost never go wrong with any headband in casual situations. Still, you should keep some things in mind.

For example, an elegant flower or beaded band may not be the best match for a jogging outfit. But apart from keeping a cautious eye on how you pair outfits and headbands, there are indeed limitless options.

Here are a few types of headbands that can be fun and casual:

  • Rope Ties - They are neat and easy to fix up. Put them on to get a bit of a boho feel.
  • Turbans - These are practical and good-looking. You can use them with loose or tied-up hair. Either way, you will get a casual out of the ordinary look.
  • Knotted Headbands - Comfortable and flexible, this type of band can be easily worn while running errands in the city or when exercising.

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