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Add a Twist to Your Look with 5 Types of Headbands

July 28, 2016

Add a Twist to Your Look with 5 Types of Headbands

For a young lady these days, style is an important issue. You can no longer get away with just a pair of jeans and a T-shirt - not even when you go to the grocery store or for a jog. Have you thought about using headbandsEven celebrities use them to improve their look.

You need to keep up with fashion, of course. However, if you look at the market, the changing speed of trends is quite dazzling. So, before you start emptying your credit cards to expand your wardrobe, why not try making your own style?

Tiny details make all the difference. All you have to do is get a few hair accessories and start being creative. Here's a list of five hairstyle and headband mixes to add a kick to your daily look:

1. Cute Girlish Look


Whether you have a long or bob shaped hair, getting a girly look is the easiest thing to achieve. In this case, flower headbands can do the trick. Just place them right on top of your forehead and get on with your cute, innocent look.

2. Tucked-in Hair

Do you find it difficult to put your hair in a cute rolled up do? Grab a beaded lace elastic band and get into the natural girl mood.

Just put the hairband on top of your head and hair. Then start rolling hair locks and tuck them under the headband. Start with front and side hair until you get it all under.

While the upper part of the band stands out, all the rest is nicely hidden behind your hair. Depending on the hairband type, you will look more casual or elegant.

3. Embroidered Hair with Headbands

Simple braided hair probably does not seem like a neat style anymore. If you add a beautiful headband to it, though, things might change.

So drop off the ponytail and start braiding a side tail instead. When you're done, put on nice hair jewelry like a white beading and gold headband.

4. Boho Hairstyle

Looking for an "all cool" look on a casual day? Just tie up your front curls into a messy, upper bun. Then, put on a boho headband around it for a bohemian touch.

Here's another style you can try. Let your hair hang loose and place a boho headband on the forehead. Or, get all your hair pinned up in a messy do and surround it with a lovely bohemian hairband.

5. Lazy Stylish Hair

In case you have one of those days when laziness hits hard, don't worry. You can still look cool with just a few touches. In this case, use turbans to save the day. Just get all your hair up in a loose bun and put on a beautiful wide turban.

If you're going to wear a simple, mono-colored outfit, then go for a flowery colored band. Or, chose a simple headband to complement more garnished clothes.

Apart from saving you money, hair accessories can make you look original, too. Need more inspiration? Check out our headbands and start designing your own style.

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