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10 Ways to Use Beautiful Headbands for Natural Hair

July 26, 2016

10 Ways to Use Beautiful Headbands for Natural Hair

If you're the happy owner of natural hair, we are sure you've had some trouble taming it. There must be a reason why people call it "crazy hair." 

Do not be discouraged, though! There's a solution for everything in this world. In this case, some beautiful headbands will do the trick.

Before we talk more about headbands, let's set two golden rules about your curly hair:

  • You need to start enjoying it as it is. It may be a bit harder to deal with, but it is beautiful. If you adjust your attitude and outfits, natural hair will certainly make you stand out in the crowd.
  • Keep it strong, shiny and healthy. Moisturize it, use quality shampoo, get rid of the hair dryer.

Now, let's talk about 10 ways headbands can complement your beautiful, curly hair.

1. Boho Headbands

beautiful headbands

Natural hair and boho hairbands are a match made in heaven. They generally go on the forehead to give a little bit of a vintage twist. Given the high volume of natural hair, it might be a good idea to intertwine the band through the curls.

2. Skinny headbands

Use simple or flower bulb types of thin hair bands to place on your forehead and hair. It's a nice way to enjoy having your loose hair in perfect control.

Or, you can tie up your locks and surround them with elegant thin hair jewels.

3. Gold Hair Jewelry

Place a bold golden headband right at the edge between your forehead and hair to keep all the curls away from sight.

You can also get a large, leaf-shaped golden hairpin to get part of the fuzzy hair together. Leave some of the curls out for a casual but elegant look.

4. Turbans Make Beautiful Headbands

Turbans are so chic and unconventional! Just pick one that complements your outfit. You can choose a mono-colored turban to match with some fancy clothes or put on a floral pattern band if your outfit is rather plain.

Use this kind of headband to prop up your natural hair, letting your curls fly loose.

5. Bandana Hairband

Bandanas can make beautiful headbands if used right. Put them on your forehead to get a hippie look. Or, tie them up in a small bow, to get a bit of a vintage air.

Another option is to put it simply on top of the head, keeping your hair from falling on your forehead.

6. Head Chains

Head chains are hair jewelry rather than simple headbands. They are elegant and eye catching. Plus, few people wear them. So, here's your ticket to celebrity.

The best way of wearing them is to pin your hair up and put the chain around your head. Then, let some of the chain slip lightly on your forehead.

7. Big Bow Scarves

Go check out your closet. Do you have any scarves hanging around, without any use?

You can easily turn chic scarves into beautiful headbands. Just tie them up in a large loose bow and there you go! Your curly hair is nicely adorned and kept in place.

8. Cloth Headbands

Cloth bands are perfect for casual outfits. We're not just talking about when you clean your house. You can hold your hair tight when you're on a walk in the park, going to the dentist or getting ready for a jog.

9. Elastic Bands

Who says elastic headbands are only for girls? They can make beautiful hair holders for young ladies, as well. You can choose a discrete color for the flexible base with an outstanding adornment: Flowers or feathers.

10. Beaded Hairbands

Finally, improve your looks with pretty, colorful beaded bands. Large hairbands go best right on top of the head to hold the entire hair back. Thin beaded headbands look best on the forehead, in a more bohemian style.

Ready to make a change your look with a headband? Start your search journey through our website to find the bands that suit you best.

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