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10 Chic Ways to Wear Headbands

June 14, 2016

10 Chic Ways to Wear Headbands

Conventional thinking says that wearing headbands is mainly for tying up loose hair or for making kids look cute. Could that really be all?

Headbands can turn out to be fabulous accessories! Apart from embroidering your hair, they also give a nice twist to any simple look or outfit. Let's see ten ways you can use them to look chic in just a few seconds.

1. Wearing Headbands for a Daily and Casual Outfit

wearing headbands

Doing house chores, going out for groceries or meeting a neighbor for coffee? Use comfortable casual, fabric headbands to make your day lighter and cooler.

If you have long hair, try pinning it up a bit and place a band on top. Or, you can put it on top of your forehead to keep a short haircut off.

2. Stylish Sporty

Wide, fabric headbands make a top trim for styling up your sporty outfit. Place them under or above hair. You can leave some of the hair loose for adding up the elegance.

Just make sure to keep a realistic touch as well. After all, the last thing you need is to keep pushing your hair up when playing tennis or jogging.

3. Glamorous Trend

Gold flower headband

Take a romantic, glamorous look by wearing headbands with some delicate details like flowers. They add a sweet note of femininity and warmth. These bands look best on top of the head, embedded through your loosely pinned hair.

4. Cool Hippie Mode

Have you heard? It's actually the hippie fashion that has made headbands so trendy. Keep your hair loose and hanging, while placing a beautiful headband in the center of your forehead, over the hair. Thinner bands are the most appropriate for making a boho impression.

5. Retro Wrap

Choose a one color band to match your outfit. Gather your hair into an upper bun and place a headband around it. Tie it up in a bow or put on a large flower hair band to get a bit of a vintage touch.

6. Romantic Bridal Fashion

Shiny headband

Does a wedding veil sound dull and outdated? Try mixing a slightly loose hairstyle with a beautiful, shiny headband. The mixture will give you a delicate bridal look. Place the band over the head, shifting the hair up a bit. Make sure the band you choose matches your dress.

7. Whimsical Wear

Lighten up your free, fancy spirit and get whimsical with wearing headbands. Wide, thin, braided or lace made, take your pick! Test as many options as your creative whim allows you to. Try loose, tied or pinned hair. Break some of the short haircut myths and show how you can make the best of it with hair bands.

8. Relaxed Touch with Turban Headbands


There's something mysterious and attractive about the relaxed style.  You can never go wrong with turbans. Choose any color, texture or width and make up your own style.

9. Rock Star Look

Want to get a bit of a rock feel? Try using simple, leather headbands. You can even add a few feathers to make it cooler. Part your hair in the middle and put the headband over, right in the center of your forehead.

10. Roman Style

wearing headbands

How would you like to get a bit of the ancient Roman feel? Get your hair partially pinned or tied up at the back and place a gold leaf band above the hair knot. Put on a long, straight dress to build a stronger impression of a Roman citizen.

Are you ready to take a new look challenge with headbands? Check out these wonderful options you can find on our website.

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