A Collection that Fits

Going shopping, meeting a friend for coffee, or running to pick up kids from school? You can almost never go wrong with a headband in casual situations. Headbands of Hope has the perfect collection of casual adjustable headbands that are perfect for any outing on any day. From lace headbands that tie, to dainty headbands that have adjustable elastic, Headbands of Hope knows how to provide products for all ages and sizes. Plus, the Everyday Adjustable Collection serves as a special gift for all occasions. Not only will you be blessing someone special with a special gift, but you’ll also be making a child feel special by giving them a headband as well.

Lace Ties

Going for that boho or hippie look? Grab the Lace Tie to add that vintage look! Simply style your hair however you please, place the wider part of the lace on top of your forehead and make a beautiful bow by tying it in the back. You’ll be sporting the hip boho fashion trend that everyone wants to see! Headbands of Hope offers different types of lace with various details and different colors of lace to help match all outfits.

Dainty Headbands

Go for a gorgeous romantic look by styling one of our dainty headbands with your outfit. The Dainty Golden Flower is the perfect headband to add that whimsical look to your outfit. This one-size-fits all collection is perfect for a girls afternoon out or your Sunday church outfit. Plus, tell the story of how you purchased a headband and one was given to a child with an illness because of your purchase.

Adjustable Elastic

Set your own level of support and comfort with Headbands of Hope adjustable headbands that provide soft elastic to expand or tighten for any size headbands. Choose from our braided collection including the Teal Braid or add a metallic gold pop to your outfit with our Goddess Braided Headband. We’ve taken headband comfort to another level that we know you’ll appreciate.

Monthly Hope Club

Looking to change things up every month? Then our Monthly Hope Box Club would be perfect! Subscribers receive a new hair accessory or headband at a discounted rate every month while still helping support a child with an illness.

Be sure to browse our other headband selections such as the eco friendly, mask packs, or winterwear collections. With our quality headbands and apparel, you’ll look great and help brighten up the day of a child fighting an illness.

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