4 Tips for Using Boho Headbands

June 16, 2016

4 Tips for Using Boho Headbands

Boho headbands are awesome, don't you think? They are lifesavers when you're having a bad hair day! Or, when you wish to change your look without a ton of jewelry. All you need is some inspired headbands choices, and you are set.

Here are four things to keep in mind when wearing bohemian headbands:

1. Keep an Eye on Your Hair

Some say that long hair goes best with headbands. Well, it's not entirely so. Short haircuts can find great use of bands as well. Just make sure your hair fits into the more bohemian style.

For example, boho headbands work incredibly well with a bit of matted, unkempt hair. You don't have to comb and put every tiny thread of hair into place. Let the bohemian spirit add a touch of freedom to your hair.

You also need to give your hair a bit of a shiny boost. Headbands tend to wear it down. So, it's best to use some specialized solutions for keeping it fresh and always free.

2. Less Is More: Go for Simple Outfits

Do you want to wear something that catches the eye? Then, keep the surrounding outfit simple. This is the best way to avoid looking as if you're going to a costume ball. Plus, it makes that particular accessory stand out.

So, if you're using a boho headband, with a bit of messy hair, streamline your clothes and set up a balance in your look. You will certainly not remain unnoticed.

3. Start Off with Simple Boho Headbands

Are you a headband wearing newbie? Then, start simple. Try using some natural, one-color headbands and practice ways of using them with elegance and ease.

Although simple and delicate, these bands can pack a real style punch. Plus, they are quite versatile and fit into most types of casual dress codes.

4. Try out Some More Adornment

Once you become familiar with wearing boho headbands, you can start experimenting with bolder patterns. Take for instance this amazing beaded headband. It makes you look classy and a bit unconventional as well.

You can also stir up a bit of your girlhood with some floral ornaments. They add a sweet note of innocence and freshness to your style. Just make sure to keep everything else simple to maximize their effect.

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