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How to Style Wedding Hair with a Headband

If you’re getting ready to tie the knot, chances are you’ve already spent hours picking out your dress and making sure it fits just right. The try-ons, the fittings and the alterations ensure perfection, and now you’ve got to top it all off with the right hair and accessories. Maybe we’re biased, but we thinkthe wedding headband is an amazing way to complete any bridal look, and we think you’ll agree after reading this style guide! 

Headbands of Hope is here to help you find a hair accessory and wedding day hairstyle that’s worthy of your dream gown.

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Why Wear a Headband on Your Wedding Day?

Styling wedding hair with a headband is a timeless yet modern approach to your special occasion look. From fabulous flower crowns to dainty jewel-encrusted headbands, this is one accessory that looks incredible with any wedding vibe. After all, there’s a reason why it has been the choice hair accessory for many radiant, trend-setting brides, including Kim Kardashian, Miranda Kerr, Ann Hathaway, Kelly Clarkson and others. Here are a few more reasons we think it’s such a dazzling choice:

why wear a headband on your wedding day

1. It Goes Up or Down — As you’ll see from the style ideas below, headbands are uniquely versatile. Whether you envision an ultra-traditional updo, a flowy down ‘do or a half-up style that’s the best of both worlds, there’s a pretty hairpiece for look. You can use a headband to wrap your neat formal bun or weave it into a loose, wispy down style for a free-spirited flair.
2. It Adds Pizzazz — Another great thing about the wedding headband is that it helps tie together your general style. For example, if you’re going for classic bridal, you canwear a stunning bejeweled white headband that adds a layer of sparkle and royalty. If you’re more of a boho bride, you could opt for a dreamy flower crown that’s reminiscent of the Summer of Love. In essence, headbands are like pieces of jewelry that totally elevate your whole look.
3. It Brings Something Special — Your headpiece is the perfect place to incorporate your something borrowed, something blue, something old or something new. You could also use it as a place to bring in something unique to you. For example, we’ve seen bridesdesign custom headbands for their weddings to add an entirely unique twist. These also make amazing wedding favors if you’re looking for something totally one-of-a-kind.
4. It Can Be Functional— Hairstylists love working with headbands because they can help keep hair in position, which is crucial when you’re walking down the aisle, posing for photos and dancing into the night. They can also be used to move hair out of the face and create separate sections for a more elaborate look.
5. It’s Affordable— We don’t have to tell you how expensive weddings can be. Just like your dress, shoes and jewelry, a typical wedding hairpiece from the bridal store is likely to be totally overpriced. But if you choose a regular headband with a bridal flair — white satin, lace or rhinestones, for example — you can achieve the perfect look for much less.

ways to style your wedding headband

Ways to Style Your Wedding Headband

There are endless possibilities for styling your wedding hair with a headband. Unlike other wedding hairpieces, headbands are surprisingly versatile and can be worked into almost any look. It’s a good idea to get an idea of what general hairstyle you prefer — up, down, bun, braided, half-up, etc. — before choosing your headband. Once you know what look you want, you can begin your hunt for the perfect wedding hairpiece.

Wedding Updos with Headbands

From French twists to messy buns, wedding updos are classic, sophisticated and always stylish. Choosing a hair-up style with a headband is a great way to give your wedding look a layer of formality and polish, but that doesn't mean it has to be stuffy. Loose, low buns with face-framing wisps and perfectly sleek high buns are always in style, and they look amazing with the right hairband. Check out our awesome ideas below for wedding updos that feature headbands as the central focus.

Rhinestone Headband with a Low Bun 

a woman modelling a rhinestone headband

This pretty style uses ourdazzling rhinestone wedding headband featuring gorgeous faux diamond trim. The perfect way to enhance a chic low bun, this winning style brings something extra-special by framing the face in sparkles. If you’re looking for a way to dress up a simpler gown or want your headpiece to match your jewel-encrusted dress, this is an excellent choice.

Something Blue Headband with Side Braid

a woman wearing a teal stone headband

Looking for something blue? This pretty teal headband brings a subtle pop of blue and ample sparkle to your look. A slimmer headband worn at the top of the head is perfect for weaving in and out of braids. We love how this dazzling band goes all around the head for a show-stopping look from ear to ear.

Tip:Headbands can be used as brilliant bun accents, including low buns and high buns. Choose a delicate hair vine to wrap around your low bun or surround your more polished high bun with a halo of chunky faux diamonds.

Dainty Rose Leaves with a Low Bun

a woman sporting a delicate rose leaf headband

Free-spirited yet high style, thisdelicate rose leaf headband is an amazing choice for any bride who wants a bohemian-inspired look that’s a bit subtler than a flower crown. The pretty gold leaves and gem embellishments beautifully weave in and out of the updo, creating a ton of sparkle from every angle. 

Bedazzled Leaves at the Front of the Head

a woman wearing a rhinestone leaf headband

If you dream of looking like a gorgeous Greek goddess on your wedding day, you can’t go wrong with arhinestone leaf headband positioned between your bangs and the rest of your hair. This subtle yet statement-making look is ideal for brides who want to leave out a few face-framing side pieces without risking their hairstyle looking sloppy. 

half up hairstyles with headbands

Half-Up Wedding Hairstyles with Headbands

If you can’t decide between a stunning updo and a breezy downdo, you might be a good contender fora half-up, half-down wedding hairstyle. And if you’re a headband fanatic, this is an awesome way to go. We love seeing brides style their headbands at the top of the head with bangs, but they can also be woven into pretty braids or side twists. 

Delicate Leaf Hair Vine Headband with Braid

a woman wearing a delicate leaf hair vine

This contemporary boho-inspired hairstyle incorporates adainty leaf headband with a pretty side braid for a pop of whimsy. We like to think of this look as a modern-day renaissance style with a little extra sparkle for the bride who loves to stand out. 

Half-Up with Delicate Pearl Hair Vine Headband

a woman sporting a delicate pearl hair vine

Subtle, earthy and a little bit boho, this gorgeous style is iconically effortless. It features a bridal-perfectpearl vine headband positioned at the top of the head for all-around style. The way this piece weaves style and grace from ear to ear ensures that your style will look absolutely amazing from every angle.

Tip: Choose a versatile style, like one of the hair vine headbands above, and ask your stylist to create a bespoke design around it. Hair vines are particularly adaptable because they can be woven into updos or down styles and even tucked into elaborate braids in the back of your head.

Down Wedding Hairstyles with Headbands

Down wedding hairstyles never go out of style. No matter if you’re going for glamorous, bohemian or princess-inspired, wearing your hair down will help you achieve the look of your wildest dreams. When it comes to styling your down hairstyle with a headband, it’s all about where you position the band. Rock it at the top of the head, over the forehead or tucked behind your bangs for a look that suits your vibe.

Down with Pine Headband Crown

a woman modelling a pine headband crown

If you want to give the crown of your head a bit of volume, wear a tighter headband that pushes the hair upward. OurGolden Pine headband is a great choice for this effect because it provides sparkle, dimension and intrigue while bringing your hair to all-new heights. This look is ideal for jazzing up simpler down-dos.

Down with Lacy Top Headband

a woman wearing a lacy headband

Nothing says bridal quite like white lace, and thisstunning lacy headband looks incredible with so many unique wedding looks. We love it when tied on top of the head with loose curls, but it could also be tied at the hairline for a chic, slicked-back look. 

Tip: Buy a few different headbands in the style you like to take to your wedding hair trial. If you already have a general idea of what hairstyle you want, your stylist will be able to help you figure out which one works the best to achieve your dream wedding look. 

Down with Lace Forehead Headband

a woman wearing a lace forehead headband

This retro-inspired look is giving us modern-day flapper girl vibes, and we are living for it! To achieve this style, pick out adazzling lacy elastic headband and position it at the hairline. It looks gorgeous when styled with tighter curls, but you could also use it to enhance beachy waves for a more boho style.

Down Wedding Hair with Flower Crown

a woman sporting a flower crown

Theflower crown headband is an all-time favorite among brides who love classic royal looks and hippie styles alike. You could always position your flower crown on top of the head — more like a traditional crown — but we love it when placed toward the front of the crown like in the example above. For full effect, make sure to choose a headband with large 3D flowers that add style and dimension. This one is total hippie princess perfection!

Down Hair with Peek-a-Boo Rhinestone Headband

a woman wearing a peek-a-boo headband with her hair down

If you’re looking for a subtler way to work in a headband, go for the peek-a-boo style featuring a down ‘do with aglittery rhinestone headband peeking through at the top. This is a nice way to add a chic pop without your hairpiece overtaking your whole look. 

Tip:One of the great things about headbands is that they’re designed to stay put when your hair is done and can even help keep hair in place. With that being said, don’t be afraid to use bobby pins or decorative hair pins to hold them in position to achieve the exact look you want.

a woman wearing a pearl headband across her forehead

Wearing a bedazzled headband across the forehead is a chic yet understated way to bring big style to your wedding look. You might recall that this was the look chosen by Kim Kardashian when she wed Kris Humphries back in 2011, and it has remained a steadfast fave. The hair icon sported ajeweled headpiece positioned straight across the forehead. If you want to go for a Kim-inspired look,try our stunning pearl headband styled with a veil.

Tip:Your headband can be used to crank up or dial down your wedding day style. If your dress is all-out bedazzled with sparkle and rhinestones, choose a simpler headband, like a white satin style or a slim rhinestone hair vine. If your dress is super simple and classic, you can bring the wow factor with an eye-catching rhinestone headband or something adorned with pretty pearls.

Wedding Headbands from Headbands of Hope

Headbands of Hope is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a show-stopping bridal headband that spreads positivity. For every headband purchased, one is donated to a child with an illness, so you can feel great about your spectacular “I do” look. Be sure to explore all of our pretty casual and formal headpieces to find a style that helps you achieve the bridal hair of your dreams. 

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