How to Tie a Ponytail

September 03, 2021

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Ponytails are many girls’ and ladies’ go-to hairstyles. So versatile and effortless, there’s almost nothing you can’t do with a simple ponytail, tying your hair back for date night or even a day of household chores. But if you’ve ever wanted to make a ponytail a little more fashionable, we’re here to show you exactly how with a few fun accessories. Here is how to tie a ponytail in several different ways to look as cute as ever. 

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Scrunchie Hair Ties

Scrunchies have made a huge comeback, along with a lot of other 80s fashion styles. No longer stashed away in a vintage Caboodle, you can even find scrunchie hair ties right here at Headbands of Hope. Like the 80s trend, they’re even a fantastic fashion accessory you can wear around your wrist.

Whether you wrap them tightly to create a polished high ponytail or loosely to make a messy ponytail is entirely up to you. You can even use multiple scrunchies to create a two-tone look or mix and match solid color sand patterns. Scrunchies are a little larger than regular hair ties, so it’s best only to use a couple, or three at the most, to create segments.

The best part about scrunchie hair ties? They don’t leave creases in your hair! A bit looser than elastics, scrunchies are kinder to your hair. However, if you need something tighter, like a chic tight ponytail, use an elastic tie beneath the scrunchie for extra grip and support. Fine hair, curly hair and more — whatever kind of hair you have, a scrunchie makes a cute way to tie a ponytail. 

Style Your Look with a Scrunchie


Another great accessory to top off a ponytail hairstyle is a cute headband. A slightly retro look, headbands offer a more feminine, retro-inspired look. Plus, they look great with all sorts of hairstyles, from short bobs and pixie cuts to long flowing manes. 

Drawing attention to your head and framing the face, a headband can add a touch of color or even a pattern to your ensemble. They also offer a convenient way of covering oily roots when you need to run out for a quick errand and still want to look your best.

Scarves and Bandanas

Like a headband, scarves and bandanas are another great way to tie a ponytail. Offered in all kinds of designs, scarves and bandanas can be folded and wrapped around the head of hair to give a bohemian or vintage look. Choose a scarf with a built-in elastic band so you can tie a ponytail and allow the edges or long ends to dangle and move with every step. Or, for a more feminine look, tie it off in a sweet little bow.

Bandanas are a great way to accessorize a ponytail too. Lie it down and fold it tightly to create a two-inch band, wrapping it around the base of your ponytail. Or simply fold a bandana corner to corner to form a triangle, and tie the ends beneath the ponytail for a cute, country-girl-inspired flair. Classic paisley bandanas are perfect for this! Whether you use a scarf or bandana, ensure your ponytail is secure first with an elastic hair tie. A few bobby pins help for thinner hair too.

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Barrettes and Hair Clips

Barrettes and hair clips are another way to tie a ponytail. Simply pull your hair back in a ponytail and slip in a barrette or a rounded hair clip designed to secure your hair without flattening it. You can find barrettes and hair clips in all kinds of shapes at Headbands of Hope, from suns and moons to mountainscapes and lotus flowers. 

Round Jaw Clips

If you’re looking for a quick way to tie a ponytail and accessorize your hair, attach a few jaw clips. Jaw clips look amazing with both a low and high ponytail, and their jaw-like strength secures them to all kinds of hair, from fine to thick and curly.  

We’ve Got Fashion-Forward Hair Accessories

Love to throw your hair up into a ponytail? Check out our entire collection of hair scrunchies and hair ties. See something you fancy? Awesome! Not only will your ponytail look stylish, but you can feel good wearing it. With every headband sold, one is donated to a child with an illness. Fashion-forward? How about fashion pays it forward.

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