How to Style Curly Hair

August 26, 2021

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Do you have curly hair and need a few tips on styling? Whether you’re fighting frizziness, static, dryness or just an unmanageable tangle of coils, styling and finessing curly hair into what you want it to be is a challenge. But whether you’re donning your curly crown with our custom headbands or just wanting to pull back your locks with stylish headbands for natural hair, Headbands of Hope has you covered. Taming the frizz and getting back that bounce has never been so easy. Here is how to style curly hair effortlessly, from the shower to slumber. 

Choose the Right Products for Your Curly Hair

Curly hair needs curly-hair-friendly products, especially when it comes to washing and conditioning. For ladies with fine, thin curly hair, a smoothing or hydrating formula will weigh down those natural curls or make them appear greasy and unwashed. However, if you have tight curls, a smoothing or hydrating shampoo or conditioner can give your curls a bit more bounce.

Discover some of the best curly hair shampoos and conditioners with ingredients like wheat protein and organic aloe that expand in wet hair and retract in dry, giving your hair a shiny look without frizziness. Wash only the roots at the scalp to avoid stripping any natural oils and moisture from the rest of your curls. After you rinse, condition from the mid-lengths down to protect the ends.

Just remember: Curly hair will retain moisture when you skip a few days of washes. Still, your hair needs conditioning. The compromise? Use a conditioning hair mask only once a week, just before you get in the shower. This way, your hair isn’t soaking up water but the conditioner itself. Last, tie up your curls and let the conditioner soak in for five minutes, hopping in the shower to rinse it out. Voila! Lovely bouncy, silky curls.

 applying serum to curly hair ends


Lock in Moisture with Styling Products

Does it seem like the moment you step out of the shower, your hair becomes frizzy? Well, it’s not your imagination. So before you turn off the showerhead and step foot on the bath mat, apply styling products. While your hair is still wet, use it to your advantage and lock in the moisture with a serum or gel. A smoothing, sealing gel can give wavy or curly hair a light hold, along with some texture and bounce.

Dry Your Curls with a T-Shirt and Air Dry

Whenever you can, air dry those gorgeous curls. It’s the best way to prevent frizz and damage while retaining the shape. However, when you’re in a pinch and need to dry your hair, skip the towel on those curls. Instead, use a soft jersey T-shirt that will absorb lots of moisture without being rough on ringlets. 

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Shape Your Curls While They’re Still Wet

While your curls are still slightly damp, feel free to twist and curl away, shaping them however you like. This is the perfect opportunity to get rid of those cowlicks and unbendable sections. You can also twist your curls to create smaller sections or pin or braid pieces. For this step, it also helps to use a sea salt texturizer to accentuate your lovely curls. Just be sure to choose an alcohol-free texturizer, reaching for one with cane sugar or marine collagen that will give your curls a fuller, softer feel. 

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Add a Diffuser to Your Hairdryer

First and foremost: never, ever use hot tools directly on your beautiful curls. If you have curly hair, you should always be sure to add a diffuser attachment. Direct heat can cause your curls to frizz and create lots of damage. But when you use a diffuser, it can spread heat evenly so your curly hair holds its shape. Also, when using a diffuser attachment, blow dry your hair upside down to achieve volume. 

Detangle with a Wide-Toothed Comb

Tired of forcing a dense brush to detangle your curly locks? Skip brushes and use a wide-toothed comb instead. With a detangling comb, you can work with your curls’ natural shape, not fight against them. 

Detangle from Tips to Top

When styling curly hair, be sure to detangle and brush your strands from the tips to the top. In other words, detangle the bottom tips working your way up. Next, divide your hair into separate parts, detangling from the bottom first and tackling knots. Then you can work on your hair’s midsection and finally the upper sections closer to your scalp.

Tie Up Your Hair While You Sleep

Before you crawl into bed for some shuteye, tie your curly hair up loosely in a soft hair tie. This will prevent your curls from flattening or tangling, which will make it a lot easier to manage the following morning. 

Moisturize Split Ends

As mentioned, curly hair can dry out relatively quickly, which can lead to further damage. For instance, it can cause split ends. So while it’s always good to schedule a regular trim with your stylist to remove those pesky split ends, it’s just as essential to maintain the tips of your curls. And the best way to do so is to moisturize in between cuts. Choose a moisturizer specifically made for split ends that will seal your hair fibers and prevent more breaking.

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