10 Best Hairstyles for Unwashed Hair

August 18, 2021

woman with wavy hair red headband

Whether you’re feeling lazy and want to skip the shower or haven’t made it to the store to replenish your favorite dry shampoo, sometimes a girl just has to deal with oily, unwashed hair. Fortunately, you can still step out in style with your hair looking as good as ever. Ponytails, braids, buns and more, here are the ten best hairstyles for unwashed hair. So whenever you just need to get your day started and don’t have time for a shower, choose one of these hairstyles and hit the ground running. 

1. Versatile, Classic Ponytail

You can never go wrong with a versatile, chic ponytail hairstyle for your unwashed hair. While it seems like a no-brainer, a smooth ponytail can use greasy oil strands to its advantage. Want to elevate your sleek, simple ponytail into a little something more? There are all kinds of ways to tie a ponytail and accessories to make it as cute as ever. Bubble ponytail with a handful of scrunchies and hair ties, anyone? 

high bun with tan headband

2. High Puff with a Headband

One straightforward ponytail style is the popular high puff. Just apply a bit of hair gel to the roots and brush your strands toward the peak of your head, gather it in a ponytail and secure it with an elastic tie or small scrunchie. Then, of course, dress up your high puff with accessories like a colorfully printed headband that can hide your oily roots even more.

3. Side Part with Bobby Pins

Use your unwashed, slick hair to your advantage and create a side part hairstyle. While it seems like this would show greasy locks front and center, the trick is to distract by using a few glamorous accessories. For instance, you can stack a set of decorative bobby pins on one side to accent your hair and detract from the unkempt look.

4. Messy Bun

Not dexterous enough to braid or style your hair behind your back? Go with something more manageable like a messy bun. Messy buns are perfect for unwashed hair when you just want to roll out of bed and get on with the day. A low bun or high bun, the choice is yours! Either way, pulling oil strands away from the face and upward toward your head looks good on just about anyone.

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5. Halo Braid

Even angels have bad hair days. Luckily, there’s the halo braid, created with a braid wrapped in a round angelic halo around the crown of your head. This way, you can hide greasy, unwashed hair as you go about your day performing little miracles. 

6. Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are all the rage on Pinterest. And when even Disney Princess Elsa sports a fishtail braid (a Dutch fishtail, to be exact), you know it's popular. A bit more advanced of a braid, starting chunky toward the top and tapering off toward the tip, it’s totally worth it when you need to elevate your hairstyle for unwashed hair. So learn how to do a fishtail braid when you want to “Let it Go” and skip the shower one morning.

french braid with headband

7. Side French Braid with a Headband

Like the fishtail braid, French braids offer a plaited hairstyle that is just as trendy. Perfect for framing the face and creating an elegant look for a special event, a French braid is what many brides choose on their wedding day. Whether you choose to dress it up or down, a French braid is a great look for unwashed hair and can be easily accessorized with a headband or hair clips. 

8. Double Dutch Braids

The double dutch braid is a quick braid for those on-the-go moments. Once you master this braid, you can use it to pull back greasy or unwashed hair. 

9. Brun 

Why settle for just a bun when you can do a brun? Like the high puff, the brun is made by braiding your hair and wrapping it into a top-knot-like bun at the peak of your head. So simple!

10. Space Buns

This out-of-this-world, classic look got its fame from Princess Leia, but it doesn't need to be Halloween to pull your hair up into two playful space buns. Space buns are also super-easy to do and offer a fuss-free option when you need to disguise those greasy strands and still look effortlessly cool. 

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