Tips on How to Wear a Scrunchie

August 16, 2021

wearing pink scrunchie

If you grew up anytime between the 1980s and now, chances are you’re familiar with the scrunchie. This classic hair accessory was made famous in the mid-‘80s by nightclub singer Rommy Revson, who wanted a gentle alternative to the standard hair tie that would prevent breakage. Needless to say, the concept took off, and Revson’s invention has remained a steadfast hair staple that’s now available in hundreds of unique styles. With the revitalization of all things ‘90s, the scrunchie has seen a huge resurgence in the past few years, and we are totally living for it!

Style Your Look with a Scrunchie

If you want to add some style to your look while minimizing damage, consider stocking up on some of our scrunchie hair ties. These cute accessories go with everything and let you pull your hair up as needed without risking breakage, discomfort or pain. Here’s how to style yours:

1. Go for the High Bun — Looking for an excellent way to jazz up a chic high bun? Use a cute scrunchie to add some color and style. For a polished look, put your hair up in a sock bun (using a regular hair tie) and then wrap a white scrunchie around it one time. This will help keep the bun in place while also adding a fashionable flair. For a messier style, use the scrunchie as the hair tie so it weaves in and out of the bun.

High Bun

2. Add a Pop of Spirit — Scrunchies are amazing because they add a subtle hint of style with almost no effort, which means they’re great for infusing some spirit or cheer into whatever you’re wearing, especially for sports games, holidays and more. For example, you can rock one of our patriotic scrunchies on the Fourth of July or Memorial Day to bring a touch of red, white and blue to your look without going too over the top.

3. Double Up with Space Buns — Space buns, two buns with one on each side of the head, are a super-popular way to style your hair with or without a scrunchie. But, in our opinion, adding a scrunchie to each bun really makes this look pop. Pick two of your favorite patterns to create a one-of-a-kind look that’s custom to you.

Space Buns

4. Try a Half-Up Style — Half-up hair is the perfect middle ground for people who want a pretty, flowing style but who want to keep hair out of their face. One of the simplest ways to enhance a classic half-up do is to tie the top ponytail or braid with a scrunchie. To give this option a trendy twist, put the top ponytail into a bun.

5. Dress Up a Messy Low Bun or Pony — Scrunchies are by nature cool and casual, so they look amazing with your effortlessly chic messy buns and low ponytails. Tie up your messy low bun with a fun patterned scrunchie — tie-dye scrunchies are some of our faves, by the way — to add a little bit of fun personality at the nape of the neck. You can also shift your pony to the side for a super casual yet stylish approach to scrunchie styling.

Messy Low ponytail

6. Hit the High Pony — Why not keep it classic with a high ponytail complemented by a pretty scrunchie? This look is perfect for the gym, chores, hikes and work, and can even be dressed up for more formal occasions. This is the perfect choice for any scenario where you need to crush whatever’s on the agenda without your hair getting in your face.

7. Top Off Your Braids — Who says you have to tie off your braids with boring hair ties? Not us! Bring some big color and texture to your French braids, Dutch braids or regular braids with a scrunchie or two. If you’re looking for a fun way to incorporate several different scrunchies into your look, put your hair in bubble braids and use scrunchies instead of regular hair ties.


Shop Headbands of Hope’s Scrunchies

Achieve serious hair goals and give back while you do it with a set of trendy scrunchies from Headbands of Hope. Each time you buy a hair accessory from our store, we’ll donate one to a child with an illness, so you can feel great about your look. Shop our complete selection of must-have scrunchies to find a wide variety of styles to complement any outfit, hairstyle or vibe.


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