Are Headbands Still in Style? 6 Ways to Rock the Look

October 06, 2021

stylish woman wearing gold headband

There’s a common misconception that wearing a headband makes you look like an elementary school kid. While you’ll certainly have a youthful glow, there are many ways to dress up and wear a grown-up version of the classic headband look. Here are 6 ways to rock the look.

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1. Keep It Long The wet and sleek look is so trendy right now. Add a headband on top of that, and you’ll be the next big influencer. Wear your headband over your head and let a few strands frame your face. Don’t tuck the ends behind your ears. Instead, put your headband on top of your head. Your hair will fall naturally, and you’ll look so chic.

2. Short and Slick You don’t have to have long hair to rock a headband. Short haircuts of all textures look especially trendy with turban headbands. An embellished headband with a pixie cut is sure to make you look like you’re walking on the runway. Channel your inner hippie by popping it over your head. 

Details like front knots, twists and bows are so fun to play with. Try wearing a padded headband where you start with placing your headband at the beginning of your hairline, and then push it back for that sweeping and sleek look.

3. Simply Bun-derful If you’re looking to get a little fancy, opt for a sleek, low bun. When you slick back your hair and tie it at the nape of your neck in a low bun, all you need to do is add a headband, and you’ll look like a posh ballerina. 

If you want to do something casual yet whimsical, try space buns. Go for the two-bun combo at the top of your head with a statement headband. If you want to just do one simple, polished top knot with a headband, then go for that. Too busy to decide and just want to throw your hair up? Call it a day and toss on the nearest headband to keep your flyaway strands out of the way. Then the messy bun is your friend — and so is a headband that will wick the sweat out of your face, you busy girl!

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4. Braided and Beautiful What better way to look youthful than with braids and a headband? Braids look fabulous whether you have long fairytale hair or are rocking a short bob. Take your headband style up a notch with a fishtail or dutch braid. Try out pigtail french braids with a textured headband. A silk scarf pairs wonderfully with all kinds of braided styles, from cornrows to crown braids.

wide headband autumn day

5. Waves for Days Ride with your naturally curly or wavy hair and pop on your new favorite headband. If you want a naturally wavy look, don’t blow dry your hair. Let your hair air dry, use a dry texture spray and then pop on a headband. Keep your hair wavy and long, and then throw on a wide headband for a bold statement. Wear your waves loose and pair them with a headband that has a bow on it. Tousled waves balance out the sweetness of the headband with a bow.

6. Bang-Up Job Don’t underestimate the power of bangs. Contrary to popular belief, headbands and bangs don’t clash with each other. Headbands accentuate the style of your bangs. Try a curly up-do with wavy bangs framing your face while wearing a jeweled headband. Headbands also look wonderful with angled side bangs to help frame your face.

pair women wearing headbands

From extra-wide to ultra-embellished, headbands are definitely still in style. They’re truly a timeless accessory that never went anywhere. By utilizing any of these 6 hairstyles, or even mixing and matching them, you’re sure to look and feel like a fashionista in your new favorite headband. 

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