6 Glamorous Homecoming Hairstyles

October 13, 2021

portrait woman with top knot scrunchie

Perfect dress: check. Beautiful shoes: check. Now the question comes: What are you going to do with your hair? Whether you’re looking to impress your hot date with fairytale curls, hanging out with friends with your sweet 90s throwback scrunchie or rocking it solo in a detailed fishtail braid, here are 6 glamorous homecoming hairstyles to make you feel like a queen.

1. The High Bun For a sophisticated look, you’ll love the high bun. For an extra touch of sophistication, consider a headband for a statement detail. If you’re not sure how to wear a headband, then a statement headband looks fabulous whether you’re going for a poised high bun or an artsier asymmetrical knot. You can even decorate your high bun with a braid or a headband.

2. Low Ponytail The low ponytail is an effortlessly chic statement for homecoming. If you want a low ponytail with more texture, go for a low, slick braid instead. To get an extra-tight low braid, pull your hair back at the nape of your neck and do a ponytail first. Then braid down and use hair gel to keep any flyaways in their place. Adding an accessory such as a jeweled headband or a headband with a bow can help spruce up any ol’ low ponytail.

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woman wearing braids hankerchief in hair

3. Braidy Bunch Not only are braids fun to wear, but they also look oh-so-fashionable. If you’re rocking natural hair, there are so many different styles that are both fabulous and protective styles like a halo hairstyle or double crown braids. 

For straight or loose wavy hair, try a fishtail braid. While a fishtail braid can look complicated, you don’t need a glam squad to do it. Channel your inner mermaid. For the fishtail, it’s best to start with unwashed hair. Then smooth your hair into a side ponytail and split that ponytail into two equal sections. Next, take a small piece from the outside of one section, and then layer it inside of the other section. 

Switch off by taking the piece from the outside of the other section and then layer it inside the first section. Keep braiding it that way down the whole braid and simply pull to loosen the braid. Don’t forget to finish with hairspray. For extra glam, you can add a stylish headband.

4. Fairytale Curls Feel like a homecoming queen with fairytale curls. There are so many ways to interpret fairytale curls. If you’re looking for serious volume, texture and diva glamour, you’ll love slicked-back ringlets. Tease out your hair and accent this look with a jeweled headband. Go for princess curls if you prefer an elegant updo. If you have naturally curly hair, then try Bantu knots — the Rhianna-approved up-do for your natural hair.

5. Long and Sleek Whether you have naturally pin-straight hair or are looking to go long and sleek for homecoming, this look never goes out of style. The trends from the 90s are back, so we’re all about slicked-back elegant hairdos. Speaking of nostalgia, remember crimps? It’s time for a modern upgrade of your beloved middle school style. Use a three-barrel curling iron to bend your strands, and you’ll look long and sleek with an edge. To make your hairstyle last through all of the homecoming dance, just use a shielding cream.

messy fishtail braid with bow clip

6. Loose Up-Do The loose up-do isn’t just for lounging at home or sitting in class. A loose up-do can be dressy enough for your homecoming. If you don’t have naturally curly hair, then you can still rock a wavy loose up-do. After you take a shower or wet your hair, let your hair air dry, and then only curl the centerpieces of your hair that would frame your face. Use a scrunchie to sweep your hair into a bun, and then let those wavy pieces fall and frame.

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No matter which of these homecoming hairstyles you’re going to choose, you’re sure to love how glamorous they look and how effortless they were to put together. Homecoming is all about embracing the overall American tradition tailored to your local community. This is your night, and there’s no better way to step out than by feeling fabulous, having fun and having a hairstyle that will keep up with a night of dancing.


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