5 Ways Men Can Wear Headbands

October 15, 2020

5 Ways Men Can Wear Headbands

So 2020 has been the year that changed it all.

We work from home, we eat a lot, we wear masks to keep others safe and we hardly get dressed up to go anywhere.

One great accessory for me during this time has been my headband. For clean hair days, dry shampoo hair days and just to add something fancy to my “workout” outfit days.

Basically, I had these headbands all over my car and all over the house, because after March 2020 it kept me held together, in more ways than one. The soft fabric, the great colors it just made me feel like I was actually dressing up.

Well, little did I know I had someone watching me.  One day my fiancé and I were on our way to our weekly grocery store outing and we completely forgot a mask for him. He looked over to me and said I’ll just wear your headband. Puzzled, I gave him that look a puppy does when you make funny noises at it. So then it started. My challenge to see how many ways a man can wear my headband. 

  1. The first way is a gaiter with a tube turban
Boys wearing headbands with dog

What is a gaiter? It’s one of these amazing headbands worn on your neck to protect you from the weather.  Keep your neck warm or add color to your outfit.

  1. The second way is a face covering
man wearing face covering headband

After March a gaiter became a one layer mask. It’s easy to keep in your car for anything. For this style we recommend our Tube Turban selection but also have a great variety of mask packs as well if that is more of your preference.

Great! There was one and two, pretty simple I thought.

Then we continued the exploration. Okay, so let’s be honest he doesn’t have the flowing locks of Fabio, but my neighbor’s teenage boys do. So wow! Just like that.

  1. The third way to wear a headband, as an actual headband!
man wearing headband

Men can actually look really cool in these headbands! It works to keep their hair out of their face, so the Bieber headshake stops while they are wearing it. (Mothers of teenage boys will understand this reference) But that isn’t the only reason there are so many colors and prints to show their personality. Men are way trendier now a days. If you find this matches your style, be sure to check out our collection of athletic headbands as well as our knot headbands.

Next up on the adventure list was yard work. We are all home, my garden should look amazing! If you have opened a Southern Living Magazine and read all of the Grumpy Gardener’s articles you know hard work pays off.  So here we go hauling soil, moving mulch, pulling weeds during summer weather in the south will make you sweat!

  1. The fourth way to wear this very versatile headband is a sweatband for you wrist
man and son wearing face covering

So these make a great lightweight sweat band. Some can add it as an accessory but I kept this guy busy through the summer. So sweatband it is. It’s super easy to wash and smell fresh, which is the most important part of a sweatband. You are ready for the next day of work. A farmer’s job is never done around here.

This is where we started to struggle, we thought we had exhausted all of the “manly” functional options, and then I saw it.  As my soon to be daughters were helping him in the garden the next day, I saw the fifth use.  As perfectly unprepared teenagers, they complained every time they bent down because their hair was everywhere.

So there it was.  

  1. The 5th way to wear a headband was a giving tool.
man wearing headband

He took his glove off and gave his right sweatband to her and helped her with her pony tail. The 5th old school yet unconventional use was to help someone. This was to keep their out of a little girls’ face. But in many ways he was showing her to give, to share, to be kind. So not only is he “manly” but a gentleman. Here they were working together in matching accessories. So what began as a very “girly” accessory actually came full circle. It filled my heart, my garden. And became his daddy, daughter moment.

I love how versatile yet this simple accessory can help not only my family have a moment but can bring a smile to many children with an illness.

The smile I see on my healthy daughter’s face is the same smile these headbands put on many kids suffering from illnesses.

Sometimes we are moving so fast we forget to think about other people.

Children we never meet that are encouraged and uplifted by this one simple purchase. Who knew a little headband could do so much?

If you're looking to purchase a headband as a gift for someone, we highly recommend checking out our best sellers collection or even the neck gaiter/tube turbans due to their versatility.

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