Top 5 Knotted Headband Styles

October 21, 2020

Top 5 Knotted Headband Styles

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This is something I do not normally talk about, much less put it on a blog for the world to see, but washing my hair is one of my least favorite things to do. My solution? A little bit of dry shampoo and a knotted headband! It took me a while to master the many ways I can style my hair with a knotted headband, but I am here to share with you my 3 tips that can help you rock the knotted style! 

Style 1

My go-to on a bad hair day is to decorate my messy pony with a knotted headband. It causes a perfect little distraction from how dirty (yikes) my hair might be! It is also super easy to do. I spritz my hair with dry shampoo, use a hair tie to put my hair into a high pony, tease it a little, then tie a cute knotted headband around the area where the hair tie is. You can wrap the fabric around multiple times or let the extra fabric hang down, whatever looks best with your look. This also works on low ponytails or buns! Also, if you want more of a pop, pick a fun color headband like our Pink Tie Dye Knotted

girl and baby wearing knotted

Photo: @madeline_n_co

Style 2

The most common way I see this knot headband styled is underneath the hair. Some people have trouble getting this just right, but my two secret tricks should help get the perfect knot. First, pull the fabric around your head and tie the knot to your liking. This is key to having a cute “knot” and making sure it is comfortable. Next, pull the headband down where it is around your neck, pull your hair out so the headband is underneath your hair (or pony)  and style your hair how you wish to wear it. Lastly, pull the headband back up and align the knot with your part. I have found this is the easiest way to make sure the headband fits nicely and the knot is just where you want it! 

girl wearing grey striped knotted headband
Photo: @mrs_mccready

Style 3

Since our Knotted Headbands are machine washable, I use them every morning to hold my hair back when I apply makeup and every night when I wash my face. I love to turn it into my own little scrunchie! Just tie a knot and because they have great stretch, you can wrap it around your hair just like a hair tie. They are super soft and do not leave creases in my hair, which is crucial since I only wash it 2 or 3 times per week. 

Style 4

Not only are the knotted headbands easy to style in my hair, I LOVE to use them to decorate my bags and my babies. They are so easy to tie on a purse to give it some flare. Going into Fall, I plan to use my Plaid Knotted Headband to jazz up my basic black bag and even tie it around my neck to add a simple “scarf” look as an accessory. 

Girl wearing plaid knotted headband around neck

Style 5

This is not very traditional, but I love styling them on my fur babies! I do not have any children yet, so my puppies get to match with me (whether they like it or not- ha!). Whenever we venture to get coffee or enjoy some sunshine, I just tie a matching knotted headband around their furry little necks and we get compliments everywhere we go! This also works for kids- seeing a matching mommy and me duo absolutely makes my day. Pick out your favorite print and style with your mini me! 

Photo: @tmistick


Whether your bag needs an accessory or you need to cover up a bad hair day, you can never go wrong with the endlessly versatile knotted headband. Check out all of our fun colors and be sure to look at our new holiday prints for family photos! 


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