Ways to Tie a Headband Bow

May 24, 2021

Ways to Tie a Headband Bow

Ways to Tie a Headband Bow

Did you know there are a few different ways to tie a bow headband? Whether it’s for you or for creating a baby bow for your little one to rock, you can make some pretty cute looks out of different styles of headbands and Headscarves!

Ashley Headscarf


Today, we’ll show you three ways to tie a bow headband, including baby bow headbands!

3 Ways to Tie a Bow Headband

How to Tie a Headband Bow

You’ll be glad to know that learning how to tie a headband bow is simple, whether it’s for you or for your little one! Although some of our Little Wear Headbands already come with pre-tied baby bow headband clips on them, our Swaddle and Headband Sets can be tied and retied to grow with your baby. To create the classic bow headband, just follow these steps:

Swaddle Set

  1. Starting with the headband wrapped around your leg, head, or baby’s head, making sure there is one long and one shorter side. Then, take your shorter side and fold it over the long side, tying a simple knot.
  2. Take your shorter piece of fabric and fold it over onto itself, pinching the middle.
  3. Wrap the larger piece of fabric around the shorter length, pulling it all the way through the knothole.
  4. Take the extra fabric and fold it back onto itself. Then, find the middle of the knothole and pull the fabric all the way through.
  5. Pull tight and fix to your liking!

Or, follow these steps for tying a bow headband with a Knotted Headband:

Watermelon Knotted

  1. With your headband laid out flat, cross both ends down, with one over the other.
  2. Grab the two crossed ends and form a knot.
  3. Again, take your two ends and form another knot.
  4. Adjust the newly formed knot and be on with your day!

How to Tie a Headscarf Bow

Create an oversized bow using a headscarf for a cute or dramatic look! How big you can make it will all depend on how much fabric you have to work with. 

To make a bow headband out of a headscarf, start by:

  1. Folding your square scarf diagonally, forming a triangle. 
  2. Then, fold down the point and fold over once more. 
  3. Starting in the back of your head, wrap the scarf around your head to the front.
  4. Now you are ready to create your bow. To do this, tie the remaining fabric like you would your shoelaces. 
  5. Fix the bow until you achieve your desired results. You can push this bow off to the side or center it depending on your preference!

No matter what your style may be, Headbands of Hope has the baby bow headbands and adult bow headbands, athletic headbands, and tube turbans to accessorize any outfit. And since we donate a headband to a child with an illness with every regular and bow headband purchase, you will feel as good as you look knowing you’ve put a smile on the face of a child who needs it! 

Shop our entire collection of adult and baby bow headbands today to start trying out the year-round looks you’ll love!

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