5 Ways to Wear a Wide Headband

May 07, 2021

5 Ways to Wear a Wide Headband

5 Ways to Wear a Wide Headband

When it comes to style and versatility, wide headbands like Tube Turbans are right up there with Headscarves for how many different ways you can wear them. Today, we will walk you through how to wear a wide headband 5 different ways so you can take your one headband and turn it into the ultimate accessory perfect for anything!

How to Wear a Wide Headband in 5 Unique Ways

  1. As a Gaiter

In this post-pandemic day and age, you really can’t go anywhere without a face covering. Our traditional and Eco-Friendly Tube Turbans make super cute face and neck gaiters perfect for any time, whether you forgot your Face Mask or want to double up your face covering efforts!

Tube Turban as Mask
  1. As a Scarf

Wide headbands can double as neck coverings and scarves, too! Tube turbans are one of the best accessories to bring with you to the beach, on a hike, or for a long bike ride where you know you’ll be in the sun. Not only can you wear it in your hair as a traditional headband, but you can pull it down around your neck to give it a break from those harmful rays (and when you don’t have a sunburn on your neck, you’ll be glad you brought it along!)

  1. Boho Style

Taking inspo from the vintage boho vibes of the 60s and 70s is the boho-styled wide headband look! All you’ll need to do is style your hair and throw that headband on over it! Make it as thick or as thin as you want; there’s really no wrong way to style it here!

  1. As a Sweatband

Who says you can’t look cute while you get a workout in? With a wide headband from Headbands of Hope, you’ll always look good while improving your health! In fact, our line of wide headbands for women (and men) features wide Athletic Headbands perfect for getting your sweat on in style! You can wear these wide headbands on your forehead and hairline to keep drops of sweat and flyaways at bay while you go to work! You’ll love its stretchy, moisture-wicking, no-slip design almost as much as how well it compliments your outfit!

  1. In a Bandana Style

Whether you’re on painting duty for the day, playing out in the garden, or working in dusty conditions, a bandana-style headband can be the perfect way to protect your hair while looking cute. Thanks to the ultra-wide headband style of tube turbans, you can enjoy every square inch of your headband while you get down to business without worrying about ending the day with dirty hair. Score!

When it comes to finding trendy and comfortable wide headbands for women, Headbands of Hope has just what you need to look great for any occasion. And since we donate a headband to a child with an illness with every headband purchase, you’ll be styling more than just yourself. Shop today and discover your new favorite headband styles you’ll love to rock for years to come!

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