Popular Wedding Hairstyles of 2021

July 21, 2021

Popular Wedding Hairstyles of 2021

Popular Wedding Hairstyles of 2021

How you do your hair for your wedding is extremely important because it isn’t just any other day. You’re going to have pictures taken that will last a lifetime, and it’s important to like the way you look. As you know, your hairstyle plays a significant role in feeling beautiful, confident, sexy, cute, elegant–however it is you want to feel on your wedding day. But it’s also important that your hair is comfortable, so you don’t get a headache during your wedding or get annoyed with your hair being in your face while you’re trying to dance the night away. To help you decide between various wedding hairstyles, we’ve compiled a list of the five most popular, simple wedding hairstyles of 2021.

5 Popular Wedding Bridal Hairstyles 

There are so many wedding bridal hairstyles to choose from that it can be hard to decide. It’s best to try a few hairstyles before your wedding to make sure you like the hairdo before committing to it. So, here are five wedding hairstyles you can do today. 

Tight Top Bun

Classic wedding hairstyles feature an up-do, and even in 2021, this is a popular choice for brides. However, the hairstyles have become a little more fashion-forward. If you’re aiming for a classy look for an elegant wedding, the messy, free-spirited hairdo just won’t cut it. Instead, pull your hair tightly into a bun on the top of your head. Elevate this look even more with twist & infinity headbands that are the perfect accessory for a sleek, slick up-do. While it still keeps your style elegant, a headband adds a touch of style and color to an otherwise simple look. 


Long Loose Braid

Wedding braid hairstyles work best for brides with medium to long-length hair. While brides with short hair can use braids in other ways–like to hold back their bangs–you need more hair to achieve full wedding braid hairstyles. For a long loose braid, simply braid your hair, but keep it loose. Rather than a tight weave, the most popular wedding braid hairstyles feature thick loose braids, often adorned with jewels and clips throughout for extra sparkle. 

If you have short hair and cannot achieve a braided look, add a braided headband to your wedding hairstyle, like this Blushing Braid Headband in Ivory. Whether you opt for a wedding braid hairstyle or not, you can elevate your look with hard headbands in various styles and colors. 

Simple and Straight 

Perfect for girls with shorter hair who might not have enough hair for a top knot or high pony, a simple and straight hairstyle is classy, elegant, and chic. To add some color to simple wedding hairstyles like this, wear a lacy headscarf. At Headbands of Hope, we have four lace headscarf headbands perfect for a wedding hairstyle. Choose from a headband with a long back tie in soft pink, cabernet red, or neutral grey. If none of these colors match your wedding colors, don’t worry. Our dainty lace headband without a long tie is perfect because it goes with anything and adds character to the simple and straight wedding hairstyle. Regardless of how long your hair is, this is one of the wedding bridal hairstyles that works for everyone. 


Party Ponytail 

If you view your wedding as the party of the year, and you’re ready to marry the love of your life and then get down on the dance floor, the party ponytail is one of the best simple wedding hairstyles for you. Simply put your hair into a high ponytail, and use a scrunchie or hair tie to keep it in place. For a little extra flair on top, use a lace darling scrunchie with lacy material that hangs down on both sides. This adds some glam to a simple hairstyle. For those with shorter hair who can’t get it all up in a party ponytail, opt for the half-ponytail to still achieve this fun, playful wedding look. 


Beach Waves 

You don’t have to have your wedding on the beach to rock wedding hairstyles featuring beach wave curls. To achieve these tousled curls that are the perfect combination or polished yet carefree, prep your hair with a volumizing product before you start curling. This helps your curls achieve that easy, breezy look without much effort. 

Crowns and tiaras are out in 2021, and wedding hairstyles with accessories like headbands, headscarves, and scrunchies are in. Once you choose your favorite simple wedding hairstyles, shop Headband of Hope’s complete collection of hair accessories to find the perfect touches for your wedding day.

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