Button Headbands

These headbands for masks are only available for a limited time and flying off of the shelves daily! Shop today to discover many of our favorite headbands with buttons styles and the adorable 3-packs of Adult Masks and Child Masks to go with them!

Why We Love Headbands with Buttons for Masks

Wearing a mask for long periods of time can really make the back of your ears sensitive, no matter how comfortable the mask straps are. Headbands of Hope headbands for masks are the solution to that problem! Simply put your button headband on your head and slip your mask straps behind the buttons (instead of your ears). Voila! Your ears are saved!

Don’t want your buttons to show? You can flip your headband with buttons inside out to hide the extra hardware and wear the accessory like a regular headband, essentially giving you two headbands in one!

Choose From 4 Headbands With Buttons for Masks Styles!


Looking for a headband with buttons that matches every mask in your New Mask Pack? Our collection of navy, black, and gray solid button headbands can get the job done! We even have gorgeous mint, coral, lime green, and teal colors to choose from!


Take your outfit on the wild side with an animal print button headband! The Grey Leopard looks great with the Grey Plaid, Black Plaid, Black Denim Mask Pack, or add some attitude with the traditional Leopard print style!


Who doesn’t love tie-dye? Show off your style and add a splash of color to your day with one of our two hit prints, pink and mint or coral and blue! You’ll love how good these headbands with buttons for masks look almost as much as how well they keep your mask in place!


Show off those spring and summer vibes with a floral button headband! You’ll love how adorable these headbands for masks look with your beach day outfit and how easy it is to keep your mask on while you’re on the move.


Want to get new headbands on the reg? Then subscribe to the Monthly Hope Club! With your subscription, you’ll get one first look headband or hair accessory every month for a discounted price, all while donating a headband to a child with an illness each time!

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