Why donating to children with all illnesses mater!

February 20, 2020

Why donating to children with all illnesses mater!

We recently sent an email asking for nominations of organizations to send our headbands to. We got so many AMAZING responses but this email really hit home for us.

"I love your companies purpose and mission and it's refreshing to see a company that also provides excellent products to accompany it. When I read your text last week about your opening your donation to any child that is ill I meant to text back a solid thumbs up response. Another reason to love and support your company. In response to your question, I'm voting for children with Spina BIfida to be considered among those who receive donations.

Two of my sons were born with SB, they're adults now however during the numerous times we were in and out of the hospital throughout their childhood occasionally one group or another would come round with a little something special for the children in the pediatric floor. My sons would bubble and perk with such excitement it always made, this hard to cry person, shed some tears of thankfulness. It's difficult being born with a birth defect to say the least and comforting to know that someone cared enough to think of us in those hospital wings when we are more than likely scared and worried over our children. I myself have just finished with a children's picture book for all children to read and enjoy while understanding how kids that cannot walk are just like they are through a story that doesn't make the birth defect the center of the story throughout the read at all. I too am going to be seeking ways to be enabled to give these books out to children in hospitals!

Children of all sorts of illnesses but especially to children that we spending their entire day in a Spina Bifida clinic waiting to see their doctors and go for tests. These appointments are scheduled for at least twice a year and are such long long days for both child and parent. Those tiny examination rooms can become overwhelming and how wonderful to have someone show up with a special gift with them in mind. Written for and about them.

At any rate I shared all that information in case it is something that you haven't been aware of and possibly could have as a venue to donate."

We are so happy to open up our mission to every child with an illness. If you have any organizations you would like to nominate please email us at hello@headbandsofhope.com.

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