Give Gala 2019

Thank you to Chair8 Media for capturing this awesome night!

We decided we were tired of typical fundraiser galas: high priced tickets, silent auctions, and all centered around dollars raised. We believe that giving comes in many forms outside of money (like headbands!) and non-monetary forms of giving should be celebrated. So we teamed up with our friends at The Monday Life and created 

Give Gala: The Worst Fundraiser Ever.

Over the past four years at Give Gala, we've raised exactly $0 (hence- worst fundraiser ever).

Instead of money, attendees offer a service, gift or talent to children with cancer and other life-threatening conditions. This offer is each person's ticket into the gala. We then distribute the offers to patients and families who could benefit from them.

Some examples of offers we received are:

 Tickets to sporting events
Use of beach house property
Personal styling
Photography lessons
Personal training
Cooking meals
Knitting lessons


 In 2019 we had over 800+ attendees come together at our event in Raleigh, NC ! We can't wait to see what we accomplish in 2020.

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