Totally Tori

May 17, 2012

 Today I would like to put a spotlight on a beautiful young girl named Tori...

 Tori is a beautiful six year old girl who has a genetic disorder called neurofibromatosis or NF1. NF causes    tumors to grow on the nerves of the body. 

Tori had three tumors that required treatment. She has an optic nerve glioma on each eye. She had a tumor on her cerebellar peduncle that required surgery. The tumors on her optic nerves have already caused significant vision loss in her left eye including a loss of color vision in that eye. Although this will most likely never improve, chemotherapy is required to prevent any more vision loss. Tori's tumors are considered cancerous.

Tori had brain surgery on February 27th. She is currently receiving vincristine and carboplatin, which are chemotherapy drugs each week. She will undergo chemotherapy each week for approximately 15 months.

Tori has an older sister, an older brother, and an older stepbrother at home as well. She is currently in kindergarten. Tori was adopted from the foster care system. Her adoption was finalized in December of 2010.

Despite everything that Tori has gone through in her life, she always lights up the room with her beautiful smile and loving personality.

Find out more about Tori and other recipients of headbands on the Hope Club page and follow her blog

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