How to Wear Tube Turbans

May 07, 2018

How to Wear Tube Turbans

Not only are tube turbans useful in so many ways-for the gym, for yoga, at the beach, to name just a few. They also can be worn in so many ways. Here's how to style tube turbans:


To pull your hair back

Tube turbans are great to wear good old fashioned way to keep your hair off your face, especially when you're active and busy. You can either scrunch it up or fold it over to change how thick the turban is. 



As a scrunchie

If you roll your tube turban up so that it's thin, can double as a scrunchie! Bonus, it's soft and won't leave a crease if you decide to take your hair back down later on. 



Like a scarf

Scarves are such fun ways to add color to an outfit, but sometimes are bulky and heavy. Tube turbans make cute scarves that are lightweight and can be worn in the warmer months, not just the winter.



As a sweat band

Channel your boho vibes by wearing a tube turban across your forehead. It's also a great way to stay dry during an intense workout. 


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