Victory Junction

July 30, 2019

Victory Junction

A couple of weeks ago we went and did our annual visit to see the kids at Victory Junction! Victory Junction is a place for children to come together to experience a fun-filled camp. They learn about their talents and are challenged to learn more about themselves. This is an invaluable experience for these incredible kids, as they can come together as one to celebrate and have a normal camp experience.

This is one of our favorite times of the year! We love handing out headbands to the sweet kids! The experience is magical to say the least. 



We also support the Kyle Petty Charity Ride that happens every year. Morgan, the Executive Director had this to say;

"Kyle and I spent the day at Victory Junction yesterday. We just missed you all! We tried to get up there Monday but Kyle had NBC commitments. Almost every camper was wearing a Headbands of Hope turban and it just filled my heart with happiness! We cannot thank you enough for your support of VJ. Those kids mean absolutely everything to us and your gift brings them so much joy.


The boys in the attached photo kept calling to Kyle – they were going up in the hot air balloon and wanted him to ride along. The attendant said there wasn’t enough room but they wanted their photo taken. Check out the turbans! They matched the KPCR turbans and I’ve had several riders text me about it. It gives our riders another connection to the campers. This is what it’s ALL about. The Kids!


Thank you for all you do"


To learn more about Victory Junction and the amazing work that they do, visit their website here.

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