Embree Duffy Spotlight

September 27, 2018

Embree Duffy Spotlight

Hello! I am Embree Duffy. I enjoy reading, dancing, journaling, and being with friends and family. When I was seven years old, I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia  (ALL), commonly known as leukemia. A surgeon put a portacath in my chest and I received chemotherapy for 28 months. After that, a doctor removed my port and I thought I was through! Unfortunately, two years later I relapsed and got a new port. I endured another 18 months of chemo. This time was much more traumatic because I was so much older. Then, this last January I learned that I had to have a bone marrow transplant. Beatrice, my younger sister who was two when I was first got sick, was the donor.


When I first met Jess in 2012, she was passing out headbands in the UNC Hospital’s pediatric cancer clinic. She asked me what my favorite color was. I replied “pink,” and she handed me a pink headband. I was so excited because I loved wearing headbands when I was bald. Hats were too hot and bandanas were too itchy, so I would wear headbands. We took a picture of us making silly faces and then she left. We stayed in touch.  She came to Camp Victory Junction when I was there. She sent me headbands and hair accessories in the mail. One time she asked me to be on the Today Show with her to promote Headbands of Hope! Over the past few years, when I’ve been sick Jess and the HoH crew would send swag, cards, and other sweet gifts. I really love Headbands of Hope because the brand stands for such a good cause. As a cancer survivor, I appreciate that this brand shows kids battling sickness how to embrace how they look no matter the circumstances. This brand has been here for me from the beginning. Even though every day is hard when you’re being treated for cancer, Headbands of Hope is one of those brands that brightens your day, whether you see them on instagram, TV, or even just online shopping. Headbands of Hope has given so much to me--and not just headbands but also, love, friendship, and self confidence.


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