Best Ways to Tie a Baby Headband

December 16, 2020

Best Ways to Tie a Baby Headband
baby wearing baby turban


We all know babies are plenty cute on their own, but who can resist dressing them up in adorable baby turban headbands and bows? Not us! That’s why at Headbands of Hope, we carry a large selection of baby turbans, swaddle headbands and adjustable little-ones headbands that grow with them. You’ll love our line of mommy and me headbands so you and your little one can match, and our unique selection of baby boy headbands for your little tike. All that’s left is knowing how to tie baby girl and boy headbands so they look cute and stay put!

Today, we’ll walk you through the best ways to tie baby headbands so your little one can look even more adorable in fun colors and sweet prints. As always, when you purchase any one of Headbands of Hope’s products, a headband is donated to a child with an illness, making it possible for all children to feel good and look cute in quality headbands.

baby wearing grey striped knotted

The Knotted Baby Turban

We’re loving the knotted baby turban look, especially when it can grow with your baby up to two years old! All you’ll need to do is adjust the size as they grow. To do this, you’ll need two rubber bands and a square piece of stretch fabric. 

Start by laying the baby turban material flat out under the baby’s head. Lay the fabric under the baby’s head down to the lowest part of the ear. Gather the fabric up as if you were putting on a bandana, making sure to cover the ears. Bring all of the fabric together to the front, as if you were making a ponytail at the forehead. Take one of your rubber bands and wrap it around the fabric in the front, but not too tight! You should now have a long gathering of fabric in the front, which you will then twist all the way down to the bottom of the fabric. Then, take this twist and twist it around the first rubber band tightly so it doesn't come loose, tucking any extra fabric underneath your newly formed knot. Take your second rubber band and secure the knot at the base, and voilà! You have a knotted baby turban! 

Achieve a baby knot headband with the same method for another adorable styling option!

baby wearing coral knotted

The Top Knot

Lay your baby bow headband length flat on the table. Start with the left side, folding it over diagonally. Then, do the same with the right side. Now, take the right side and tuck it beneath the left side, forming the first knot. Take the right side and tuck it beneath the left side, this time pulling tight. Fix the bow to your liking and you’re ready to go!

girl wearing baby bun headband

The Classic Bow

Starting with a narrow bottle held between your knees, wrap the bow around the bottle, holding the long ends of the bow pointing up. Cross the right side over the bottle to the left. Repeat with the left side. Now, take the left side and tuck it beneath the right side, making a knot. Next, take the right side and fold it over, making a loop. Tuck the left side beneath the right and pull the material all the way through. At this point you should have one side of the bow formed. Next, fold your right side in half to form a loop, tucking the end of the side through and beneath the knot, completing your bow formation. All that’s left to do is adjust the bow and knot to your liking and it’s ready for baby!

Shop Headband of Hope’s great selection of quality baby headbands and turbans for boys and girls today and feel good knowing you’ve helped a child with an illness feel beautiful, while making your own child look their most adorable. While you’re shopping for the kids, don’t forget to treat yourself, too! We carry a gorgeous selection of athleticwear, winter wear and the adult tube turbans & wire ties you want to look cute this season.

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