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Operation Beautiful

December 03, 2012

Recently I received a letter from a mother whose daughter received a headband during her treatment. She says her daughter has been battling cancer for two years and has lost her hair four times. The mother said that after her daughter got her headband she’s worn it everyday and, “she finally feels good about how she looks.”

As girls grow and develop, their overall sense of self-esteem and personal worth grows and changes. Experiencing cancer is hard enough; the last thing girls should worry about is their image during this hard time. That’s why Headbands of Hope is pleased to announce their partnership with Operation Beautiful.

Operation Beautiful was started in 2009 after the creator, Caitlin, had a really bad day.  She posted a note that read, "You are beautiful" in a public bathroom for a stranger to find, and the rest is history.  Since blogging about her note, she has received over 12,000 notes from people all over the world.  The mission is to post positive messages in public places for strangers to find, and although these notes typically encourage a healthy body image, they also include messages of hope, strength, and well-wishes for any trial someone may be experiencing.  There are also two books about the Operation Beautiful movement, which you can learn more about here, including a NEW book for tweens and teen girls.

On the Operation Beautiful Headbands (made by Twistband), are the words that would be found on these notes such as beautiful, vibrant, hope and courage.

Operation Beautiful is pleased to collaborate with Headbands of Hope in their important and worthy mission to bring joy to young girls and women undergoing treatment for cancer.



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