Safety Collection

Here you’ll find unique products that we've adapted as part of our everyday routine as a result of COVID-19. From various mask packs, to tube turbans used as facial coverings, and headbands with buttons on them to protect your ears. Headbands of Hope is confident that you'll find the perfect accessory in our COVID-19 collection to help keep you safe and comfortable during this pandemic.


Headbands of Hope offers tube turbans as a product for all: young, old, men, women, you name it! Through the variety of solid colors and trendy prints, Headbands of Hope makes their tube turbans seamless, soft and breathable, not to mention machine washable. You can not only wear our Tube Turbans as headband but as protective facial coverings as well. They are perfect for your quick run to a store or encounter with someone you know.


We also decided that during this time that we wanted to create a mask unlike other masks on the market. They speak for themselves with our 5 star reviews and come in a pack of three. The mask packs also come in a variety of prints to fit any style and any outfit but they are so comfortable on the face and are super breathable. The ear loops also adjust to fit different face frames and to avoid ear irritation. Not only is safety a priority but these masks also are a part of our mission.


Wearing a mask for hours and have ear irritation? Don’t fret we have a perfect solution for that. Our Button Headbands have sewn buttons on the side that your mask loops attach to. This is so your mask doesn’t hang on your ears and cause irritation all day. Plus, we have taken our button headbands a step further and added multiple colors and prints so they are the perfect accessory for any outfit. Protect your ears while making a difference in a child’s life who has an illness.

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