Meet Abby...

July 05, 2016

Meet Abby...

See the cutie with the bright blue eyes and beautiful smile? This is Abby. In January of 2015, Abby started experiencing intense headaches at the front of her head. Many tests and doctor’s visits later, a large tumor was found in the middle of Abby’s brain. After an emergency surgery to remove the tumor, it was found to be cancerous.

Abby was diagnosed with a supratentorial PNET, a rare, aggressive, malignant tumor. She started chemo and radiation and continues to do well! Abby fights with a joyous attitude and goes in and out of treatment with a smile on her face.

So far she has had 31 treatments of radiation and 2 out of 4 rounds of chemotherapy, requiring a one week stay in the hospital every month.

We got the opportunity to learn more about Abby we when saw pictures of her wearing our headbands.When asked about Headbands of Hope, Abby replied "The headbands make me smile!  Every day I get to choose something pretty to wear.....and I can share them with my sisters!”

Abby’s mom replied, "What I love is that even though Abby embraces her new baldness, she's able to pick out something that makes her feel pretty.  I don't think people realize how much of an impact it makes in her day.  Not only does she get to wear something beautiful, but she also gets compliments on it all day....which makes her smile!"

After the experiences Abby and her family have endured, they began Abby’s Army, a foundation with the goal of helping other families and children cope with the same diagnosis and illness. Please take a moment to check out Abby’s website and follow her on Twitter for updates on her journey!

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